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TieCare International: Group Insurance for Educators

TieCare International offers health, life, disability, and travel insurance for individuals and employee benefits for international schools.

TieCare International: Group Insurance for Educators


TieCare International is the global leader in providing tailored health, life, disability, and travel insurance employee benefits for international schools. These plans are also available for individuals. For over 40 years, TieCare has uniquely designed its benefits for international educator needs.

TieCare International is the education division of Global Benefits Group (GBG), a subsidiary of GBG Insurance Limited, which has a B++ rating by AM Best Company.

TieCare offers multilingual customer service 24/7, 365 days a year, through their GBG Assist division. This ensures that clients facing language or cultural barriers get support for all their insurance-related needs.

Clients can count on GBG to connect them with highly qualified and experienced case managers, nurses, and other professionals when managing claims, their recovery, and more.

This page will introduce TieCare’s insurance products for groups and individuals and explain why purchasing your insurance through a broker like Pacific Prime may be in your best interest.

We also encourage you to become better informed about:

TieCare’s Group and Individual Insurance Products


TieCare International offers insurance benefits tailored for international schools and educators. Their products include group and individual health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and travel insurance. Groups of all sizes can benefit from these comprehensive and flexible plans.

TieCare Health Insurance for International Educators

TieCare has a number of group health insurance plans for international schools and educators, and each has three coverage area options: Worldwide, International Plus, and International. Each plan can tailor its benefits to suit groups of any size and their specific requirements.

Here are the geographic regions covered by each coverage area:

  • Worldwide: Complete coverage anywhere in the world, including the US and Canada.
  • International Plus: Complete medical treatment anywhere in the world, but only emergencies are covered in the US and Canada.
  • International: Complete medical treatment anywhere in the world, but no treatment is covered in the US and Canada.

While no health insurance plan is exactly the same as another, below are some examples of common benefits your plan may include:

  • Coverage for accidents/injuries and illnesses
  • Basic preventative care
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • Access to discounted U.S. prescriptions through a pharmacy network
  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Chronic conditions covered
  • Deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment options 
  • Optional enhanced preventative care, dental, and vision benefits
  • Emergency medical evacuation and air transportation
  • And more!

Learn more about the various group health insurance plans offered by TieCare by contacting our insurance experts. You can also get free quotes for international health insurance here.

Please note that group health plans by TieCare can be made more economical by increasing deductibles and adjusting the aforementioned benefits.

TieCare Health Insurance for Individuals

Individuals purchasing TieCare’s health insurance plans can select either the Worldwide, International Plus, or International coverage area. Their insurance plans can include the same benefits available in the group insurance plans, as introduced above.

TieCare Life Insurance for International Schools

TieCare International life insurance plans can offer groups up to $250,000 of coverage with no medical examinations. Their life benefits include worldwide coverage, personalized services, and flexible features. TieCare plans are particularly designed for teachers, educators, and business travelers.

A few of the features that make TieCare group life insurance particularly appealing include:

  • Rates are very affordable
  • Dependent coverage is available
  • War and Terrorism coverage can be included
  • Up to $250,000 of coverage is available without any medical examinations
  • With worldwide coverage, employees are covered no matter where they travel

TieCare International Life Insurance for Individuals

Teachers, educators, travelers, and other individuals who choose life insurance through TieCare have the flexibility to choose from the following life products they can add to their plan:

  • Mortgage protection
  • College funds
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Learn more about individual and group life insurance from TieCare.

TieCare Disability Insurance for International Educators

TieCare’s disability insurance is designed to help international educators, travelers, and others manage day-to-day living expenses in the event of injury and/or their inability to work. TieCare’s insurance plans allow up to 70% of the salary to be paid directly to the insured, disabled worker.

This is up to a $80,000 annual limit.

TieCare offers coverage for both temporary and permanent injuries, and below are a few examples:

  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Permanent general disability insurance

Each plan is custom-designed to suit each individual and group who wants their income protected while recovering. Learn more about the available plans by consulting a life insurance expert.

TieCare Travel Insurance for Global Travelers & Teachers

TieCare International’s group travel insurance plans provide emergency health insurance and travel-related, non-medical benefits for international travelers. Plans can be purchased on an annual or single-trip basis and for individuals or groups.

The travel insurance plans include core options, such as:

  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Loss of passport or other important personal documents
  • Lost luggage/baggage or items, e.g. laptop, wallet, etc.
  • Flight delays
  • Transportation to the nearest competent medical facility
  • And more!

On top of the primary travel insurance plan are two enhanced options travelers can choose from if they would like additional protection. Discover more about all your TieCare travel insurance options by sending us a message today.

You can also compare TieCare travel insurance plans with other top travel insurance providers and their quotes.

Testimonials about TieCare International Coverage


Below are some of the testimonials clients of TieCare International have shared.

  1. “Our faculty is extremely satisfied with TieCare’s health insurance because it…brings peace of mind while living abroad or traveling.” - International School in the Middle East
  2. “The service team is always available and ready to support our staff and answer any questions. It is my pleasure to recommend TieCare.” - International School in Southeast Asia
  3. “I would like to thank TieCare for the exceptionally fantastic professional service we have been receiving from our representative.” - International School in Africa

Benefits of Using a Broker Instead of an Insurer Directly


While insurers offer products and services that are tied to their business, brokers are in a position to offer dozens, if not hundreds, of plan comparisons from different insurance partners. This doesn’t only save you time, but you get all sorts of benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Impartial advice
  • Plan and claims management
  • Access to an insurance expert’s market knowledge and experience
  • A liaison between you and the insurer
  • Broker services for free
  • And more!

Nowadays, there are dozens of reputable insurers to choose from for your needs and budget, which means you can get better deals. However, approaching each one every time or comparing even two can be tedious and arduous.

Even then, the insurance terminology and the process can be quite perplexing and mind-boggling to many. This is where insurance brokers or intermediaries like Pacific Prime come in, and we don’t charge you a dime! We instead earn commission through our insurance partners.

The Bottom Line About Brokers

While the immediate reaction is to go straight to a popular insurer, it may be in your best interest to contact a reputable insurance broker instead. You could save money and get honest and transparent advice throughout your insurance journey.

Pacific Prime is your one-stop broker for all your individual, school, and corporate needs.

Compare TieCare International Insurance Quotes Online


As you search for the best international insurance plans for your needs, use our health insurance quote comparison tool. It is a unique resource that allows global expats, travelers, and educators to compare a number of health insurance providers and their plans side by side with estimated quotes.

You can save your favorite quotes and plans on this tool for later reference, and our experts can answer any questions you have about the plans available in your country of residence.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is TieCare International part of GBG?

TieCare International is a subsidiary of Global Benefits Group (GBG) in the education division. TieCare’s emphasis is on group employee benefits packages for international schools and educators.

Who sells insurance for teachers in international schools?

TieCare International is the global leader in providing personalized and comprehensive health, life, disability, and additional insurance benefits to teachers working at international schools. TieCare offers individual and group insurance plans for educators.

Do international teachers need health insurance?

Teachers who work internationally outside of their country of origin are strongly encouraged to secure health insurance so they have coverage for both preventative care and emergency care. They will also want coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation in case of a severe health condition.

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