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China Merchants Bank

Founded in 1987 in Shenzhen, China Merchants Bank (CMB China or CMB Bank) has since expanded to a network of over 1,800 branches worldwide. Contact Pacific Prime for CMB Bank quotes today!

About China Merchants Bank


CMB Bank, which ranks at no.162 on the 2021 Fortune Global 500 list, offers a full range of insurance plans to people in China. A core belief of the bank is that insurance is a core component of any comprehensive wealth management plan, which must address the presence of risks and effectively prevent risks from derailing customers in their pursuit of life and financial goals.

The slogan of CMB Bank is, “we are here just for you”, and their commitment to customer service is evidenced by the fact that China Merchants Bank won the title of China’s Best Bank for the third consecutive year in Euromoney’s Award for Excellence 2021.

China Merchants Bank was in the list of “2020 Top 500 Banking Brands” released by The Banker (UK) in February 2020, in which the bank ranked 9th with a brand value of USD $22.884 billion, but the success of the company is not confined to its business performance.

CMB China is also at the forefront of enterprise social responsibility, making significant contributions in areas such as poverty alleviation, education, environment protection, public health, and more. Over the years, CMB China has won numerous accolades, including “Best Enterprise Social Responsibility”, “Most Respected Enterprise in China”, “Outstanding Charitable Contributions for Children in China”, and “Exemplary Low-Carbon Enterprise of China”.

  • Listed as one of the “2020 Top 500 Banking Brands” by The Banker (UK)
  • Ranked no.162 on the 2021 Fortune Global 500 List
  • Brand value of USD $22.884 Billion

CMB insurance products for individuals and families

CMB Insurance offers the following products in the main:

  • Fixed-term life insurance: insurance benefits will be paid to the beneficiary if the insured dies within the insurance period. Otherwise, the insurer is not obliged to pay benefits or return paid-up premiums.
  • Endowment assurance: insurance benefits will be paid to the beneficiary if the insured dies within the insurance term; if the insured outlives the insurance term, insurance benefits will be paid at the end of the term.
  • Annuity insurance: this is designed to pay a given sum to the insured within a given term during their life; fixed annuity pays insurance benefits to the insured in a given number of installments whether or not they are still alive on the due date.
  • Health insurance: insurance benefits will be paid to the insured to cover medical expenses if they are incurred within the insurance period.
  • Accidental injury insurance: the insured will be paid part or the total amount of insurance benefits if death or disability occurs, or medical expenses are incurred as a result of accidental injuries.
  • Participating insurance: this is a life insurance product where the insurer is required to distribute the surplus over a preset value to the policyholder on a pro-rata basis.
  • Universal life insurance: this life insurance product allows the policyholder to make investment decisions using the funds in an account established by the insurer, and the value of the policy varies accordingly.
  • Investment-linked insurance: a combination of life insurance and investment, this product covers one or more areas of liability and comprises a number of investment accounts varying in risk profile, and the policyholder can determine the percentage of investment funds under each account based on their appetite for risk.

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