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Henner: Individual and Corporate Health & Life Insurance

Henner Insurance specializes in global corporate benefits and consultation, expat health insurance, and an exhaustive global healthcare network. Read more!

Henner: Individual and Corporate Health & Life Insurance


The Henner Group designs innovative health and life insurance solutions, and Henner is a leader in the French market for group healthcare insurance. Active in all segments of health and life insurance, such as healthcare, life, and disability, Henner works with 54,000 companies of all sizes.

Henner designs and manages insurance plans for 2.1 million employees and family members. The insurer has over 1,600 employees throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, and they have a first-class network of 1.8 million healthcare partners in 185 countries.

Henner offers a variety of insurance services worldwide, wherever its members are, such as:

  • International private medical insurance (IPMI)
  • International employee benefits (IEB)
  • Global benefits management 
  • Medical expertise and network

This page will introduce you to the health, life, and company insurance products Henner offers. To learn more about specific products, talk to our insurance experts and get impartial advice about Henner and other top-notch insurance providers.

You can also explore your insurance options for international health insurance, short-term health insurance, insurance for pre-existing conditions, and maternity insurance abroad.

Henner’s Insurance Expertise and Products


Henner is a leading French insurer that specializes in corporate benefits consultation, development, and management. Henner also has a robust global healthcare provider network they partner with when offering global health insurance to expats, individuals, families, and businesses.

We will discuss each of these services more below.

Multinational Corporate Insurance Solutions by Henner

Henner excels at helping multinational corporations of all sizes craft a global benefits package for its employees. Henner follows a three-step global approach to benefits management by designing, improving, and developing each business’ individualized employee benefits solutions.

  1. Designing the Strategy: Henner maps potential risks, defines your strategy, coordinates with providers globally, reports local compliance, and more.
  2. Improving Performance: Henner analyzes your company’s benchmarks and captive & pooling solutions to manage and optimize your benefits that are already serving you well.
  3. Developing Employee Commitment: Henner aims to create loyal employees for your company by offering services such as medical aftercare, an introduction to prevention and welfare programs, improved HR communications, and more.

Henner specializes in Consulting and Benefits Management services for businesses. Below are some points that make Henner’s corporate insurance solutions standout:

  • Efficient Communication: Henner offers a single-point contact for its customers to achieve efficient communication.
  • All Companies Welcome: Henner offers its advice and support to companies of all sizes, large or small.
  • Global Expertise: Henner draws on their global benefits management expertise as it helps you set a global vision for your local benefits and policies that make your company more attractive to talented individuals.

Henner’s International Healthcare Provider Network

Henner’s international medical network includes over 1,800,000 healthcare professionals in 185 countries, including the USA. They offer a unique contract with healthcare providers for direct settlement and negotiated tariff agreements for routine and hospital services.

Henner’s medical provider network includes local:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Care or Testing Centers
  • Specialist and General Practitioners
  • Imaging Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • And more!

Henner has 2.16 million beneficiaries of healthcare services, and their care is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Henner International Health Insurance

Henner specializes in the challenges related to international healthcare and insurance. They use their unparalleled knowledge to help their clients overcome the local health struggles and inflation of healthcare costs in their home country.

The following are some reasons Henner is a strong global health insurance provider:

  • Personalized Customer Service: Henner’s customer service representatives speak over 26 languages and work around the clock to aid its members, achieving a 91% customer satisfaction rating from its clients.
  • Local Managers: Henner has over 820 managers on every continent, providing its clients and beneficiaries with in-house solutions from end-to-end of the globe.
  • International Medical Services: Henner provides medical services unique to expat and international living needs, such as remote consultation, personalized patient follow-up, and a second medical opinion, etc.

To get free quotes for international health insurance and compare Henner’s insurance benefits with other providers, talk to our insurance experts.

The Henner Group: Who They Are


The Henner Group was founded in 1947, and it is an international and independent group that offers personal insurance services for individuals, families, and businesses. Henner is a leading organization of collective health insurance in France and for expats worldwide.

The Henner Group includes multiple subsidiaries, including:

  • XN: Worldwide Insurance
  • Henner IA
  • BRH
  • Butterfly

Henner’s Core Values

Henner’s core values help build and maintain trust amongst its customers, partners, and beneficiaries. Here is a list of the company’s core values:

  1. Presence: Whatever the need, Henner is here to help with its wide range of expertise and worldwide presence.
  2. Creativity: Henner strives to make a difference and satisfy its customers by finding perfect and tailored solutions.
  3. Kindness: The global insurance giant approaches its customers with utmost care and kindness.

Independence: Henner is an independent group with strong values. The company is driven by protecting the interests of its customers and beneficiaries.

Using a Broker to Get Henner Insurance


When expats use an insurance broker to get Henner International health insurance, they gain an intermediary who negotiates with the insurance provider on their behalf, who knows the international insurance market, who can compare plans with other top providers, and who works with them at no charge.

Are you considering going directly to the insurance provider? Here’s why a broker might better serve your needs:

  • Brokers are not loyal to any particular insurer: Going directly to an insurer means they’ll recommend only their products and services, which may not necessarily be the best plan out there to meet your needs and budget.

On the contrary, brokers work with a range of different insurers and can give you a tailored plan comparison of all your options on the market.

  • Brokers provide a number of value-added services: In addition to helping you find a suitable plan, brokers also tend to help you fill out insurance forms, liaise with insurers, and negotiate the best terms, as well as file claims for reimbursement and renew a plan. 

This level of support and assistance is particularly important if you’re new to the world of insurance and don’t understand insurance jargon.

  • Brokers don’t charge extra: The cost to you is the same as going directly to the insurer! Many insurers rely on brokers to help them sell their insurance products so they don’t tend to offer any extra discounts or lower premiums if you go directly to them.

As such, it makes sense to go to a broker as you’ll pay the same amount AND benefit from the aforementioned impartial advice and value-added services!

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We know insurance, and we know expats.

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Compare Henner Insurance Quotes


As you search for the best international health and life insurance plans for your needs, use our health insurance quote comparison tool. It is a unique resource that allows global expats to compare a number of health insurance providers and their plans side by side with estimated quotes.

You can save your favorite quotes and plans on this tool for later reference, and our experts can answer any questions you have about the plans available in your country of residence.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Henner provide coverage?

Henner is a French insurer that offers international health, life, and corporate insurance in all continents of the planet. Their customers include individuals, families, expatriates, and businesses of all sizes.

Does Henner sell insurance?

Henner is a global health insurance provider that specializes in international corporate benefit solutions and individual/family health coverage. They offer health, life, and disability insurance, and more!

Does Henner have good global business benefits?

Henner’s global business benefits are individually crafted by a team of expert consultants. Henner has representation in 160 countries and partners with over 350 brokers and 8 major insurance providers. This and more may make Henner the right global insurance benefits provider for your company.

What makes Henner’s provider network so great?

Henner’s international healthcare provider network gains its members increased visibility to their benefits and services through mobile apps, treatment from reliable and quality healthcare professionals, guaranteed refunds within a few days, and an intuitive partner portal that’s open 24/7.

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