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Globality Health

Globality Health specializes in providing health insurance solutions for globally mobile expats.

About Globality Health

Founded in 2008 in Luxemburg, Globality Health is an internationally experienced health insurer (and reinsurer) catering to expats and high-net-worth individuals living and/or working abroad. The insurance company operates in a highly dynamic environment offering first-class health insurance services and relying on its own global service network.

Globality Health’s insurance plans for expats and employees

Globality Health offers two types of products: YouGenio and CoGenio


YouGenio is a comprehensive insurance plan designed for individual expatriates or those living and working abroad with their families. Three different Globality YouGenio plan options are available:

  1. Classic
  2. Plus
  3. Top 

YouGenio plans also provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, and they are available to all citizens regardless of age and are lifetime renewable. Premiums are also calculated on the basis of where the policyholder lives, thus taking into consideration local medical treatment costs.


CoGenio plans cater to employees of large companies and corporate groups globally, offering each member of the plan a comprehensive list of coverage provisions. Some of the main benefits a CoGenio plan can provide are:

  • Convenient methods of payment, 
  • No age restrictions or limitations, 
  • No policy limits,
  • No co-payments,
  • And more.

Why Globality Health should be your insurer

There are a number of reasons why Globality Health is our insurance partner and why they are an insurer of choice for our clients. Here are some good reasons to consider:


Globality Health provides documents and brochures, forms and services in five different languages.

Personal contact person

Globality Health places great value on personal, direct care by assigning you a personal contact person.

Direct assumption of costs worldwide

Globality Health offers clients first-class care through its worldwide assistance and service partners, who ensure simple access to the best medical care.

Free choice of doctor and hospital

Globality Health allows customers to freely choose their doctor and hospital for medical assistance and treatment.

A comprehensive scope of services

Globality Health’s policies offer comprehensive insurance cover for inpatient, outpatient, dental treatment, and assistance services.

Online portal

Globality Health’s clients can access an online portal via personal login, where they will find various tools, resources, and online services.

Mobile invoicing of services via the “My Globality App”

Globality Health’s clients can submit their insurance claims with the touch of a button in the My Globality app. The app also provides easy and simple access to important insurance information, including plan coverage details, emergency contact information, FAQs, and more.

Testimonials from clients

“I am satisfied with the quality/price ratio. Fortunately, in the time I have had the assurance I have hardly had to use it.” - Manuel P.D.d.R., YouGenio World, Chile

“Getting my claims for reimbursement processed is very easy and fast. The process is seamless and intuitive.” - Konstantin I., Bulgaria

“When we needed Globality they were there for us and paid all expenses of my wife’s operation in a private hospital without any problems. I would highly recommend this Health Insurance.” - Rainer D., Cyprus

Why should you get a Globality Health quote with Pacific Prime?

At Pacific Prime, we offer an extensive range of insurer options, which allows us to give clients a good comparison of what’s available on the market. Our insurance experts can help narrow down your options and help you determine whether Globality Health quotes are right for you or not. And as a part of our value-added services, our team of insurance experts can assist you throughout your insurance journey - from claims filing to renewal support and more.

Get a Globality Health quote from Pacific Prime

With over two decades of experience, we can support you throughout your insurance journey. If you require honest answers and swift action, Pacific Prime is your go-to broker for all your inquiries relating to health insurance, travel insurance, and more.

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