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Globality Health Claims Assistance

Globality Claims Assistance. How to make a claim for hospital, outpatient and emergency treatment with DKV Health Insurance. Get a free quote today.

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    • Where should I receive medical treatment?
    • How to claim for Hospital treatments
    • How to claim for Emergency treatments
    • How to claims for Outpatient and Dental treatments

    Where should I receive medical treatment?

    • The policy holder is free to select their doctor or treating hospital, given the medical facility is a recognised institution within the country of residence.
    • The hospital or medical facility should have qualified staff, quality diagnostic and medical equipment, and keep authorised medical records.
    • Globality members should call the Globality Hotline for information on quality, bilingual doctors and hospitals are in their local area.

    How to claim for Hospital treatments

    • Call the Globality Hotline to confirm your policy benefits and limitations on treatments.
    • Globality should be advised of the proposed hospital treatment 10 days prior to admission.
    • The policy holder may be asked to submit further information as requested by Globality.
    • The policy holder or hospital will be issued a guarantee of treatment.
    • Globality will normally organise direct settlement of medical bills with the treating Hospital, especially in the case of major medical treatments.
    • If direct settlement is not possible, the policy holder will pay for medical treatment and submit a claim form to Globality for reimbursement of medical expenses.

    How to claim for Emergency treatment

    • In the case of an emergency*, the policy holder does not need to obtain pre-authorisation.
    • Call the Medical Emergency Hotline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to advise of emergency treatments, hospital and doctor.
    • A declaration of assignment must be signed by the hospital, for direct settlement of medical bills, with no need to submit a claim form.

    *An Emergency is an acute illness that threats the person's general state of health.

    How to claims for Outpatient and Dental treatments

    • Policy holder must obtain an invoice after receiving treatments.
    • Invoices should generally include: policy holder's name, date of birth, diagnosis or description of illness, outline of costs for each treatment received.
    • Policy holder can download a claim form from the Globality website or online members area.
    • Policyholder sends the claim form to the address shown on the form, or emails the claim form (with invoices and other required documentation scanned and attached).
    • If the policy holder is claiming for prescription drugs, a copy of the doctor's prescription should be submitted together with the doctor's invoice.
    • When claiming for dental treatments, the invoice must detail which tooth has been treated.
    • Policyholders can call the Globality Hotline to confirm policy benefits and limitations on treatments.

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