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Bupa China: Medical Insurance in China


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Bupa established a representative office in the People’s Republic of China during August 2006. BUPA China is committed to providing Chinese consumers with comprehensive China health insurance options which compliment the existing China healthcare system.

Bupa is dedicated to providing policyholders within China access to high standards of healthcare. This is in line with the Chinese government’s larger goals of increasing healthcare coverage within the country, and as such Bupa China’s global experience within the health insurance world industry places the company is in a good position to positively offer superior healthcare options within the PRC.

Existing Bupa China policyholders can find assistance with their coverage by contacting the company via the following channels:

Bupa China Representative Office
Room 504A
China Resources Building
8 Jianguomen North Ave
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100005
P.R. China
Email:    [email protected]

Bupa China Global Expatriate Services are handled out of the Bupa Hong Kong office. Bupa International customers in China who require claims or administration assistance are asked to contact the company in Hong Kong:

Phone: (+852) 2517 5511
Email: [email protected]

Pacific Prime is Bupa's no.1 distributor of health insurance products anywhere, and through Bupa China is able to offer an extended range of health insurance options to expatriates within China.

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