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A+ International Healthcare

A+ International Healthcare provides first class insurance to individuals, international companies, and organizations. Get A+ International Healthcare quotes here!

About A+ International Healthcare

Founded as a partnership amongst medical insurance experts from Europe and Asia, A+ International Healthcare provides first class insurance plans to both globally-mobile individuals and their families, as well as to international corporations and organizations located around the world.

A Plus International Healthcare also works with a robust network of world-class hospitals and, at the time of writing, they provide their clients with access to a network of over 10,000 medical services providers in more than 150 countries as they pride themselves in looking after clients wherever they go. 

Moreover, A+ International handles all the paperwork so that hospital procedures and medical bills don’t have to be a source of confusion and clients can focus on what truly matters: focusing on a speedy recovery or taking care of loved ones. They are dedicated to helping clients using their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Health insurance plans by A+ International Healthcare

A+ International Healthcare offers clients more than just medical insurance, as all their plans come with worldwide, reliable, and flexible cover. 

Plan 1: Worldwide Plans

The Worldwide Plan is aimed at globally-minded, high-net-worth individuals and their families. This premium plan provides the best possible care and coverage and, though it’s available in most countries, it’s especially suitable for people living in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe. 

Premiums start from USD $127 per person per month, when paid on an annual basis.

Plan 2: Southeast Asia Plans

The Southeast Asia Plan is aimed exclusively at people living in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It’s a high-level plan, but at an affordable price. 

Premiums start from USD $100 per person per month, when paid on an annual basis.

Plan 3: EasyCare+ Plans

The EasyCare+ Plan is aimed at all young individuals and families who only want to be covered for essential benefits at the best possible price. The plan is not exclusive to any particular location and is available in most countries. 

Premiums start from USD $28 per person per month, when paid on an annual basis.


Secure an A+ International Healthcare plan

If you’d like to learn more about A+ International Healthcare or are ready to secure one of their plans today, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with an experienced and reputable broker like us. Considering going directly to A+ International Healthcare instead? Here’s why going to a broker might better serve your needs:

  • Brokers are not loyal to any particular insurer: Going directly to an insurer means they’ll recommend you only their products and services, which may not necessarily be the best plan out there to meet your needs and budget. On the contrary, brokers work with a range of different insurers and can give you a tailored plan comparison of all your options on the market. 

  • Brokers provide a number of value-added services: In addition to helping you find a suitable plan, brokers also tend to help you fill out insurance forms, liaise with insurers and negotiate the best terms, as well as file claims for reimbursement and renew a plan. This level of support and assistance is particularly important if you’re new to the world of insurance and don’t understand insurance jargon. 

  • Brokers don’t charge extra and the cost to you is the same as going directly to the insurer: Many insurers rely on brokers to help them sell their insurance products so they don’t tend to offer any extra discounts or lower premiums if you go directly to them. As such, it makes sense to go to a broker as you’ll pay the same amount AND benefit from the aforementioned impartial advice and value-added services!

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