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Ping An Insurance

Ping An is one of the most recognized insurers in China, offering a wide range of local and international plans. Get a Ping An Insurance quote today!

About Ping An Insurance

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Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Ping An Insurance (or Ping An of China) is a holding conglomerate in China. Ping An Insurance subsidiaries primarily deal with insurance, investment, banking, healthcare, and auto services. 

Ping An Health

Ping An Health was formed in 2005 as a specialized arm of the larger Ping An Group. This entity entered into a joint venture with South Africa's largest insurer, Discovery, in 2010. The result has been a local health insurer in China with an extensive global network, allowing them to provide greater coverage to clients who travel globally.

Ping An Health’s motto of “Making People Healthier” is reflected in their quality medical insurance solutions for individual and corporate clients. Additionally, the Ping An Health Vitality wellness program is designed to help customers become healthier. Ping An intends to help lower their client’s healthcare costs, increase employee productivity, and improve overall wellbeing through their unique approach. 

What you can expect from a Ping An Health insurance plan

Through their extensive global medical network and customer service response system, Ping An provides individual and group clients with comprehensive medical benefits, healthcare, and consultation services. Their innovative information management system also allows them to offer around-the-clock English and Chinese call and emergency assistance services in major global locations. 

Ping An Health’s global network enables the company to offer extensive offerings, such as: 

  • Health insurance (including government-mandated insurance) 
  • Accidental injury insurance
  • Health consultation services
  • Health reinsurance 

Ping An Health insurance products

Ping An Health meets their individual and corporate clients’ demands for all-inclusive high-end medical solutions through global medical insurance and health management products that include: 

  • Individual global high-end medical benefits
  • Group global high-end medical benefits
  • Vitality health promotion plan 
  • Specialized health management services

In addition, Ping An Insurance HK offers a wide range of insurance products such as: 

  • Motor insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Maid insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Exhibition insurance
  • Pet insurance

Why you should choose a Ping An Health plan

There are several reasons why a Ping An Health plan is ideal whether you’re an individual or corporate prospective client.

  • They have a local presence with universal expertise. 
  • They offer all-inclusive medical coverage whenever you need it. 
  • They focus on improving their clients’ health. 
  • They provide a wide range of products and services to meet different needs and budgets. 
  • Their customized services and tools make it easy to navigate the healthcare system.

Get a Ping An quote now!

Whichever Ping An Insurance solution you’re looking for, the next step is to get in touch with Pacific Prime. Our expert advice and plan comparisons make it easy for you to find the best Ping An insurance plan for your needs and budget. In addition to the benefits that Ping An is recognized for, you’ll also receive our value-added services (e.g. claims renewal support, form filling assistance, etc.) at no extra cost of going directly to an insurer. 

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