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MetLife Insurance: International Group Insurance

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MetLife Insurance offers different employer-sponsored insurance solutions worldwide, such as group life insurance, dental and vision plans, and more. Established in 1868, MetLife has the reputation of being one of the largest international life insurance providers in the market today.

MetLife offers individuals, families, corporations, and governments a diverse selection of insurance and financial products. They have designed several insurance solutions to protect their customers wherever they may be in life, whether that’s just starting in the workforce or close to retirement

  • Global 24/7 Customer Support Services
  • Global Network Spanning Over 115 Countries
  • Customer-focused Insurance Solutions
  • Wide Variety of Supplementary Benefits
Plan Details

MetLife Global Insurance Overview

MetLife offers a diverse range of insurance solutions, such as life, dental, vision, disability, critical illness, and accident insurance. They offer these solutions through employer-provided group insurance plans. Most of MetLife’s insurance products are not sold directly to individuals.

MetLife only provides insurance solutions through employer-provided group plans, so benefits may vary across employers. Each employer may decide on different benefits or coverage limits.

Employers looking to understand more about the specific benefits of MetLife plans can contact a MetLife-partnered insurance broker like Pacific Prime. Pacific Prime has years of experience in helping businesses and groups find insurance solutions that work for their unique workplace.

If you are an employee with questions about your MetLife benefits, you can reach out to your employer for additional information or visit the MetLife website.

Why Choose MetLife Insurance?


MetLife offers customer-focused insurance solutions, employee benefits expertise, and exceptional service from open enrollment to claims processing. If you are looking for a life or supplementary health insurance provider for your business, MetLife has options for you.

MetLife Group Insurance Offerings


MetLife offers customized group benefits through their group insurance plans, such as dental, vision, and more. They can help employers provide competitive and comprehensive employee benefit packages to protect the finances and well-being of their employees.

If you are a business owner looking for affordable group insurance, our insurance experts at Pacific Prime can help you discuss your options.

What are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are non-wage compensations an employer provides their employees. These benefits can come in various forms and generally contribute to the health and financial security of the employees.

Some examples of employee benefits are health, dental, disability, life and vision insurance, and retirement plans. Some employee benefit packages also include supplemental insurance coverage.

When employees begin their jobs, they may have access to their benefits immediately, or there may be a waiting period. This will be at the employer’s discretion. Existing employees will have to wait for an open enrollment period to make changes to their benefits.

An important caveat is existing employees may make changes in the case of a qualifying life event (QLE). An example of this would be a marriage or the birth of a child.

Insurance Products Offered by MetLife Insurance


MetLife offers the following list of insurance products for employee benefit packages:

  • TermLife
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pet Insurance
  • Accident
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Disability and Absence
  • Legal Insurance
  • Identity & Fraud Protection

Some of these products are supplementary benefits and can add additional coverage for existing healthcare plans. If you are interested in learning more about MetLife employee benefits, contact an insurance broker today.

MetLife Term Life Insurance

MetLife’s Term Life insurance benefits come in three varieties: Basic Term Life, Supplemental Term Life, and Dependent Term Life. Each option offers financial support for beneficiaries in the case of death and covers funeral costs and ongoing financial obligations.

Basic Term Life is often paid by the employer, Supplemental Term Life is paid by the employee and offers additional protection, and Dependent Term Life covers your spouse and dependents.


Term Life Insurance

  • Financial support for beneficiaries in the case of death
  • Funeral cost coverage and ongoing financial obligations
  • Three variates to choose from

MetLife Dental Insurance

MetLife offers Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental insurance, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) dental plans, and a MetLife TakeAlong Dental plan. These plans are designed to cover 100% of in-network cleanings and exams.

Some plans may offer coverage for more expensive dental services, such as crowns or fillings. Coverage limits will depend on the plan chosen.

MetLife Vision Insurance

MetLife provides three main vision plans: Davis Vision, Superior Vision, and VSP Choice. These plans can help members save on frames, contacts, and eye exams. Members may also have the additional benefit of choosing their own in-network provider.

MetLife Pet Insurance

MetLife pet insurance is available in the form of Dog Insurance plans and Cat Insurance plans. These plans allow you to take your pet to any licensed vet and receive reimbursement for the cost of services. MetLife’s pet insurance is available in both individual and group policies.

MetLife is among the first pet insurance providers to allow multiple pets on one policy and offers competitive rates. Dog insurance starts at 15 USD monthly, with Cat Insurance starting at 9 USD monthly.

MetLife Accident Insurance

MetLife offers supplementary accident insurance that will provide a lump sum payment in the case of an accident. The payment can be used to pay for any hospitalization, treatment, or other charges incurred by the accident that isn’t covered by health insurance.

Accident Insurance

  • Supplementary Accident Insurance
  • Lump-sum payment for any hospitalization, treatment, or other charges that isn’t covered by health insurance

MetLife Hospital Indemnity Insurance

MetLife offers hospital indemnity insurance as a supplementary benefit to cover hospital stay fees. Fees from hospital stays can climb quickly, and MetLife offers those covered by hospital indemnity insurance a lump-sum payment to use at their discretion.

This insurance can benefit those with chronic illnesses or planned upcoming surgeries.

MetLife Critical Illness Insurance

MetLife offers critical illness insurance to offer coverage for unexpected illnesses. They provide lump-sum payments directly to the policyholder for them to use as they see fit for their healthcare needs.

Those with a family history of cancer or heart disease will benefit from this supplementary insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Coverage for unexpected illnesses
  • Lump-sum payments for healthcare needs as you see fit

MetLife Cancer Insurance

MetLife’s cancer insurance offers coverage for cancer treatments. The insurance can also cover nonmedical expenses during your recovery, like household expenses. The payments are made in lump-sum amounts for policyholders to use at their discretion.

MetLife Disability and Absence Insurance

MetLife provides disability and absence insurance in three options: Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, and Paid Family & Medical Leave. Disability insurance is generally used when you cannot perform your work duties, but it will depend on your employer’s plan.

Paid Family & Medical Leave is state-mandated, and not every state qualifies. Talk to your employer for more information.

MetLife Legal Insurance

MetLife offers legal insurance to help with many different instances, from negotiating traffic violation fees to estate planning. Legal insurance can connect you to a vast network of experienced attorneys who are ready to help.

MetLife Identity & Fraud Protection Insurance

MetLife Identity & Fraud Protection insurance protects your identity, financial assets, family, and privacy. MetLife’s resolution specialists offer case management services to victims of fraud, help them initiate credit freezes, and work with victims to resolve the fraud.

  • Global 24/7 Customer Support Services
  • Global Network Spanning Over 115 Countries
  • Customer-focused Insurance Solutions
  • Wide Variety of Supplementary Benefits

MetLife Insurance Enhanced Customer Experience


MetLife provides its customers an enhanced experience of easy and accessible claim forms, customer service help, and online tools. They offer members the ability to manage their accounts online and make online transfers and payments.

Using a Broker to Secure MetLife Insurance


Insurance brokers like Pacific Prime offer free, unbiased advice to their clients to help them find the best insurance fit for them. They can help you compare quotes across plans. If you are interested in a MetLife group policy, you can reach out to Pacific Prime here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does MetLife offer International coverage?

MetLife’s life, health, and disability insurance offers international coverage for globally mobile employees who need coverage as they travel and work abroad. These plans also offer global 24/7 customer support services and wellness programs.

What countries is MetLife available in?

MetLife’s global network spans over 115 countries, with coverage in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Exclusions may apply depending on your policy. Contact an insurance broker to discuss plan limits and exclusions.

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