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Liberty Mutual: Global Property & Casualty Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers Property & Casualty Insurance for individuals and businesses around the globe in the Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Liberty Mutual: Global Property & Casualty Insurance


Liberty Mutual Insurance Group (LMG) is the 5th largest global Property and Casualty Insurance provider. Liberty Mutual offers P&C Insurance in the Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and Latin America, plus the U.S. Their products include personal products and small to large corporation protection.

LMG is headquartered in Boston and uses its over 110 years of experience selling insurance worldwide to extend to three main business units. Those are:

Liberty Mutual’s Global P&C Insurance Operations


Liberty Mutual is a multi-billion, multinational organization with insurance operations in the Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Liberty Mutual’s international insurance mostly focuses on personal and small commercial insurance. Auto insurance is their most popular coverage type.

Below is a chart with the global locations where Liberty Mutual does business, the name LMG goes by there, and some of the types of P&C insurance offered there.

The Countries Where Liberty Mutual Sells P&C Insurance
Country LMG Subsidiary Types of P&C Insurance
Asia Pacific    
China Liberty P&C
Hong Kong Liberty Insurance Group Health, Personal Auto, and Workers Compensation
India Liberty General Insurance Health, Motor, and Travel
Malaysia Liberty Insurance Motor, Home, Business, and Travel
Singapore Liberty Insurance Family & Home, Health, Personal Accident, Travel, Auto
Thailand LMG Insurance Family & Home, Health, Personal Accident, Auto
Vietnam Liberty Insurance Home, Health, Travel, Auto for individuals and small/medium-sized companies
Canada Liberty Mutual Canada Insurance Broad suite of commercial and specialty insurance for midsize to large companies
Ireland Liberty Insurance Personal Car and Home, plus a wide range for businesses
Portugal Liberty Seguros Life, Auto, Home, Health, Leisure, etc.
Spain Liberty Seguros (Genesis and Regal as well) Personal Auto, Home, Life, Community, and Accidents, plus Multi-Risk Company products
Latin America    
Brazil Liberty Seguros Specialty is Auto
Chile Liberty Seguros Auto and Property
Columbia Liberty Seguros Personal Auto, Home, Life, and Health, plus Commercial Property and Bond
Ecuador Liberty Seguros Auto, Home, Life, and Health, plus Commercial Property and Bond

To learn more about the Property and Casualty Insurance offered by Liberty Mutual around the world, talk to our insurance experts

We can answer your questions, get you quotes, and help you compare Liberty Mutual to our other top insurance partners so you can find what’s right for you.

Liberty Specialty Markets: International P&C Insurance

Liberty Specialty Markets is part of the larger Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and focuses on specialty P&C Insurance products globally. Their products are aimed at industries such as retail, sports, real estate, healthcare, energy & natural resources, life sciences, manufacturing, and much more.

The following is a list of some of the product types insured by Liberty Specialty Markets globally:

  • Accident and Health
  • Aviation
  • Binding Authorities
  • Casualty
  • Contingency
  • Cyper and Technology
  • Directors and Officers
  • Fine Art and Specie
  • Marine
  • Property
  • Safeguarding
  • War and Terrorism
  • Much more!

Liberty Mutual Surety: Global Surety Bonds

Liberty Mutual Surety is the world’s number one largest surety and the number one largest surety in the U.S. Liberty Mutual Surety helps contractors and businesses acquire surety bonds for projects of all sizes in global markets and industry sectors. They are backed by a Fortune 100 global carrier.

Here are a few of the mediums Liberty Mutual Surety can help your business worldwide:

  • Contract Bonds: Liberty Mutual can help you with bids, payment, and performance bonds for any project of any size.
  • Commercial Bonds: Liberty Mutual walks hand-in-hand with professionals and businesses as they fulfill their work contracts by offering support in acquiring court, license, permit, fidelity, and more.
  • International Expertise: Liberty Mutual Surety helps businesses and companies both in and out of the U.S. operate all around the globe.

Subcontractor Protection: Liberty Mutual’s coverage protects its clients from financial losses that may come from the hands of a negligent subcontractor.

Types of Property & Casualty Insurance by Liberty Mutual


Liberty Mutual Insurance Group provides car insurance, property insurance, life insurance, identity theft, and many more types of property and casualty insurance. Their products are sold around the globe to individuals, families, and businesses. The following sections introduce 12 of their products.

To learn more about the Property and Casualty Insurance offered by Liberty Mutual around the world, talk to our insurance experts. We can answer your questions, get you quotes, and help you compare Liberty Mutual to our other top insurance partners so you can find what’s right for you.

Liberty Mutual’s Auto and Vehicle Insurance

Liberty Mutual provides auto and vehicle insurance for cars, motorcycles, boats & watercraft, antiques & classic cars, ATVs & off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, and umbrella insurance as an extra protection. We’ll discuss 4 of these below. For 24/7 roadside assistance, call 800-426-9898.

1. Car

Liberty Mutual car insurance is customized for every individual, so you only pay for what you need. Your car insurance includes liability coverage for damage and injuries you cause while driving, vehicle coverage for damage done to your car, and optional coverages such as breakdowns and rental cars.

2. Mot orcycle

Liberty Mutual’s motorcycle auto insurance covers liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury, collision coverage and medical payments for your property damage or personal injuries, and optional coverages, such as better bike replacement and 24-hour roadside assistance.

3. Boat & Watercraft

Boat and watercraft insurance by Liberty Mutual can insure yachts, jet skis, powerboats, sailboats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, personal watercraft, and more. Boat insurance can protect you and your boat from physical damage, fuel spill liability, medical coverage, and damage to other crafts.

4. Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Recreational Vehicle Insurance by Liberty Mutual provides coverage for medical payments, bodily injuries, collision coverage, and property damage. Most states require drivable RVs/motorhomes to have insurance, though it’s optional for towable RVs like pop-ups, camper bodies, and utility trailers.

Liberty Mutual’s Property Insurance

Liberty Mutual sells Property Insurance for homeowners, renters, landlords, condos, floods, mobile homes, and umbrella insurance for extra protection. We’ll discuss 4 of these below. Liberty Mutual has property insurance for any size or type of home, from small apartments to sprawling estates.

1. Homeowner’s

Liberty Mutual’s homeowner’s insurance covers your home and personal belongings in the event of damage, theft, fire, severe weather, and other injuries or accidents on your property. Some Liberty policies can also cover a hotel if you can’t stay in your home, roof repairs, and property replacement.

2. Renters

Liberty Mutual’s renter’s insurance protects a renter’s belongings, such as clothes, furniture, and electronics if damage is done to your unit by causes like fire, theft, and some weather-related incidents. Renters insurance also covers your belongings in your car, on vacation, and on the go.

3. Condo

Condo insurance by Liberty Mutual provides coverage for your belongings, your property, damage done to someone else’s property, personal liability, and living expenses if you temporarily have to vacate your condo. You’re protected against fires, theft, severe weather, and more.

4. Flood

Liberty Mutual’s flood insurance protects your property in the event of a flood. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods, and since floods can happen anywhere and even one inch of water in your home can cause more than $25,000 in damage, flood insurance is highly recommended.

Other P&C Insurance by Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers a range of P&C Insurance, from life insurance to pet insurance, from small business insurance to identity theft. These protections are in addition to their many auto insurance and property insurance products. We’ll discuss 4 of these below.

1. Life

Life insurance from Liberty Mutual guarantees your beneficiaries receive money in the event you pass away. You can choose between Term Life Insurance for temporary needs, Whole Life Insurance for level premiums, and Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance, which grants you lifetime coverage.

2. Pet

Liberty Mutual’s pet insurance covers your pet’s veterinary expenses. You can choose between Accident Coverage for injuries and accidental death, Accident and Illness Coverage for illnesses and accidents, or Accident, Illness, & Wellness Coverage for routine exams and fees plus injuries.

3. Small Business

Liberty Mutual has a number of insurance resources for small business owners. These include Commercial Auto and Fleet Insurance, Inland Marine Insurance, Equipment Breakdown Insurance, Surety Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and much more!

4. Identity Theft

Identity Theft Protection from Liberty Mutual covers lost documented wages from an employer, attorney fees, loan reapplication fees, personal assistance to monitor your credit and mediate between you and creditors, and more.

Why You Should Use a Broker to Get Your Insurance


When expats use an insurance broker to get Liberty Mutual international insurance, they gain an intermediary who negotiates with the provider on their behalf, who knows the international insurance market, who can compare plans with other top providers, and who works with them at no charge.

Are you considering going directly to the insurance provider? Here’s why a broker might better serve your needs:

  • Brokers are not loyal to any particular insurer: Going directly to an insurer means they’ll recommend only their products and services, which may not necessarily be the best plan out there to meet your needs and budget.

On the contrary, brokers work with a range of different insurers and can give you a tailored plan comparison of all your options on the market.

  • Brokers provide a number of value-added services: In addition to helping you find a suitable plan, brokers also tend to help you fill out insurance forms, liaise with insurers, and negotiate the best terms, as well as file claims for reimbursement and renew a plan. 

This level of support and assistance is particularly important if you’re new to the world of insurance and don’t understand insurance jargon.

  • Brokers don’t charge extra: The cost to you is the same as going directly to the insurer! Many insurers rely on brokers to help them sell their insurance products, so they don’t tend to offer any extra discounts or lower premiums if you go directly to them.

As such, it makes sense to go to a broker as you’ll pay the same amount AND benefit from the aforementioned impartial advice and value-added services!

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Compare Liberty Mutual Insurance Quotes Online


As you search for the best international insurance plans for your needs, use our health insurance quote comparison tool. It is a unique resource that allows global expats to compare a number of health insurance providers and their plans side by side with estimated quotes.

You can save your favorite quotes and plans on this tool for later reference, and our experts can answer any questions you have about the plans available in your country of residence.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is condo insurance the same as renters insurance?

Condo insurance is for condo owners and protects the property and belongings of their units. It is much like homeowners insurance, which is for owners of homes. Renters insurance, on the other hand, is for those who are renting a condo, home, or apartment and do not own it.

Is flood insurance really worth it?

Flood insurance is vital if you live in a flood zone. However, 25% of flood insurance claims are made by individuals who live outside a high-risk flood zone. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it, but being covered up to $250,000 for your home and $100,000 for your belongings is no small thing.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance ensures you have extra coverage on top of your home and auto insurance policies. Umbrella insurance steps in if your other coverage limits are less than you need. You can choose to get this for your car, home, rental properties, and more.

What is P&C insurance?

P&C Insurance, or Property and Casualty Insurance, covers you, your property, and your belongings. It is a broad term for a number of insurance policies, such as auto, home, life, pet, business, and more insurance. P&C insurance also has a specialty market, such as for marine and sports protection.

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