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American International Group (AIG)

As one of the leading insurers, AIG offers a wealth of insurance products aimed at individuals and businesses alike. Get your AIG Insurance quote today.


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AIG was founded in 1919 under the name American Asiatic Underwriters in Shangha, China. Since that time, AIG has grown into one of the leading global health insurers, serving customers in more than 130 countries. AIG are well equipped to deal with all commercial, institutional, and individual insurance needs, and boast a dedication to providing insurance coverage to meet the diverse needs of all of its clients.

AIG's PROHealth plan in Singapore

Pacific Prime work with AIG to offer locally compliant insurance solutions for residents in Singapore. An array of different insurance products are available, including: AIG's PROHealth plan, Business, Travel, Home, Personal Accident, Property and more.

AIG is expanding its network of providers throughout Singapore as much as possible. This gives clients the greatest choice possible of doctors and medical facilities to choose from.

Pre-authorization Procedures

Certain treatment requires prior approval from insurer so they can issue an advance payment guarantee to the hospital.

Such as following treatments:

  • Special diagnostic tests such as CT scan, MRI, Stress Test, endoscopy, allergy testing, x-ray, blood work, referred to other medical professionals etc.
  • Where surgery or hospitalization is involved or anticipated.
  • In cases involving accidental injury.
  • Non-emergency - You must provide the PROHealth Prior Agreement Form at least 10 working days before the treatment. 

Once the treatment is Authorized, AIG will issue GOP (guarantee of payment) directly to the hospital enabling you to receive the treatment with no out of pocket expense.

You would just need to pay any relevant excess/deductible/copayment chosen.

Pre-authorization form completed by the treating physician: Download the form here.

  • Date treatment is scheduled to take place. 
  • The Diagnosis and all relevant medical reports.
  • Name and all possible contact details of the medical facility .
  • Outline of Treatment/ Procedure with itemized breakdown of costs.
  • AIG may assist to provide a letter of guarantee for hospital bills above (SGD3,000).
  • For bills below SGD3,000, you can seek to incur the payment first and claim it back from AIG.

Contact AIG within 48 hours from hospital admittance on hotline: +65-6751-5271 for PROHealth Prior Agreement Form queries

Pay and Claim Basis

You must submit below documents within 90 days after the medical services have been rendered to AIG in order to process your claim. The following documents should be prepared: 

  • A filled-out PROHealth claim form, which can be found here.
  • All medical documents: For example: Physician’s summary and/or medical records.
  • Prescription letter - for prescribed drugs.
  • A referral letter - if applicable. 
  • All receipts: For example: Invoices, medical expense receipts, etc.
  • A settlement letter from other insurers if you have submitted a claim to them. 

Invoices must be issued with the patient’s name.

Claims can be submitted either online or by mail.


For online claims please submit your claim via the Henner member portal which can be found here.

By Mail

PROHealth claims to be mailed to: 
Henner - GMC Services Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
137 Telok Ayer Street, #07-01/02/03
Singapore 068602. 
Attn: PROHealth Claims Team

Important Notes

Claims processing and payment: AIG will process most straightforward PROHealth claims within nine business days if they are submitted with complete documentation. However, it may take longer to process a claim if additional information or documents are required. 

AIG only accepts original copies of claim documents (clear copy). Keep a copy of your scanned claim documents for your record.

Direct Billing

For PROHealth members who have direct billing, you can refer to Henner's member portal for a list of Henner-GMC Medical Network Healthcare providers. 

When you do seek care, please: 

  1. Make an appointment with one of the treatment providers on the list.
  2. Show your membership card and photo ID (passport/ID card).

For direct billing enquiries, call the AIG Direct Billing Hotline: +65-6751-5271

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