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Allied World

Allied World is a global provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions through their subsidiaries. Pacific Prime can help you get Allied World quotes.

About Allied World

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Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, Ltd or Alliance World for short are a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, benefiting from a worldwide network of affiliated entities that allow them to think and respond in non-traditional ways. Through their subsidiaries, Allied World is a global provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions, and have supported clients, cedents, and trading partners since 2001. 

Allied World is strategically positioned to deliver the insurance solutions that their clients need, when they need them. Focusing on providing superior customer service and creative risk solutions, which in turn builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, Allied World offers flexibility, creativity, and a service-minded approach that enables them to deliver customized solutions to suit their clients’ specific requirements.

Here are some facts about Allied World to give you a snapshot of their operations:

  • Total Assets: USD $19B 
  • Total Capital: USD $5.3B
  • Gross Premiums Written: USD $5.9B
  • Global Re/insurance Divisions: 26
  • Worldwide Offices: 21
  • Number of Policies: Nearly 456,000 
  • Number of Commercial Clients and Cedents Worldwide: Over 350,000 



Insurance products by Allied World

Allied World offers a diverse range of insurance products including, but not limited to:

  • Accident & Health 
  • Casualty 
  • Commercial Motor 
  • Construction & Engineering 
  • Crisis Management
  • Environmental Liability 
  • Fine Art & Specie
  • Healthcare Liability 
  • Management & Financial Lines
  • Marine
  • Personal Lines
  • Professional Liability/Indemnity
  • Property & Energy
  • SME
  • Workers’ Compensation

Secure an Allied World insurance product via Pacific Prime today!

Want to learn more about Allied World insurance products? Or, alternatively, are you ready to secure one of their products? While you can certainly go directly to Allied World, your needs might be better served by going to an experienced and reputable broker such as Pacific Prime instead. There are a number advantages in doing so:

  • You’ll get a tailored plan comparison of all your options: If you go to Allied World, you’ll only get offered Allied World products, which may or may not be the best option in the market for your particular needs and budget. On the contrary, going to Pacific Prime means you’ll have access to multiple insurers and plans on the market, and get a tailored plan comparison so that you can choose the plan that is most suitable for you.
  • You’ll get many value-added services and support throughout your insurance journey: Are you confused or puzzled by insurance jargon? Could you do with an expert by your side when liaising with insurers? Pacific Prime offers just that and much more. Whether it’s filling out insurance forms, negotiating for the best terms, filing claims for reimbursement, or renewing an insurance plan, we offer a level of support and assistance that’s unparalleled and keeps your best interests at heart. 

  • You’ll get all this for no extra cost versus going directly to Allied World: Many insurance providers, including Allied World, work with brokers to help them sell their insurance products. As such, they don’t tend to offer any extra discounts or lower premiums than their brokers. The bottom line? It makes more sense to go to a broker like Pacific Prime because you’ll be paying the same amount AND benefit from the aforementioned services.

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