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Aetna International: International Health Insurance Plans

Aetna International is a well-known local and international health insurance provider, and one of our insurance partners. Get an Aetna International quote now!

Aetna International: International Health Insurance Plans


While you may be familiar with the renowned insurance company, Aetna, which is a Fortune 100 company in the United States of America (USA), Aetna International is a subsidiary of the main parent company. Previously known as Aetna Global Benefits, Aetna International now operates in a much larger territory than its American counterpart and provides comprehensive health insurance and population healthcare management solutions all around the world.

Aetna International has come a long way to reach the point where they are currently at. With roots dating back to 1982, the company has grown to become an award-winning player in the world of local and international health insurance. Aetna International also has a membership of over 800,000 people globally and has celebrated countless milestones including the acquisition of InterGlobal in 2014.

Time and time again, Aetna International has proven that the company is a top and preferred provider of health insurance and population healthcare management solutions around the world, as they provide insurance policies not only for individuals and businesses, but also entire governments. This falls perfectly in line with their commitment to building a healthier and stronger global community. 

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  • Extensive Network of Providers
  • Direct Billing Options
  • 24/7 Medical Help via Global Virtual Care
  • Lifetime Renewal Options
  • 4 Plan Options

Aetna International Plans From Pacific Prime


As a global insurance broker and employee benefits specialist, Pacific Prime has formed a strong relationship with Aetna International based on years of mutual dedication and service excellence. We have access to a number of customizable Aetna International plans that we can provide to you. These include plans with varying annual limits and deductibles, as well as riders or optional extras such as dental and vision coverage. 

While expats and global citizens can take advantage of international health insurance plans that provide coverage in just about any location worldwide, Aetna International provides even more, including plans for individuals, families, and businesses. The company also designs healthcare systems for entire governments. As such, it’s clear that Aetna International has what it takes to cater to any client - big or small.

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There’s a reason why Aetna International went from ‘insurance provider’ to a ‘health solutions company’. The company has gone beyond merely providing insurance, and now strives to promote healthy living and improve health around the world! Be part of the change they seek by contacting Pacific Prime today!

Rest assured, we’ll help you find out which Aetna International health insurance plan is right for your needs and budget. On top of the quality health insurance solution from Aetna International, you’ll also be serviced by an award-winning global health insurance broker like Pacific Prime at no additional cost to you. This includes:

  • Form filling assistance 

  • Insurer liaison and negotiation 

  • Claims and renewals support

  • And much more. 

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