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Teacher Health Insurance

Health insurance plans specifically designed for teachers offer special benefits and exceptional value.

Teacher Health Insurance

Health insurance for teachers

International school teachers are eligible to buy a health insurance plan that offers exceptional value for money and provides many advantages.

Medical coverage solutions for teachers

Providing teachers with health insurance benefits is becoming an industry standard in many areas. Previously an envious benefit for foreign educators working at international schools around the world, teacher health insurance is now a feature of many employment contracts for educational institutes looking to attract, value, and reward their top talent.

Finding the right plan for you or your school doesn’t have to be difficult - you just need to partner with an industry expert that understands the needs of the sector and its people.

Key aspects of teacher health insurance

In essence, medical coverage options for teachers are the same as standard health insurance plans. What can differ are the types of coverage, benefits, and limits selected by teachers. This is largely due to the fact that their needs will be different from other industries, a fact that is especially true for expat teachers who go home during their breaks.

Here are a few key aspects that both teachers and schools can consider when weighing up their health insurance solutions:

  • Inpatient, and outpatient coverage: Inpatient only plans allow for lower premiums and provide standard coverage for hospitalization. Adding outpatient benefits creates a more comprehensive plan that can support General Practitioner visits, rehab treatments, and even mental health services.

  • Extended benefits: Coverage for things like vision and dental, maternity, and wellness are often additional to a standard inpatient or inpatient, and outpatient plan. These will cost extra but can often be the difference for schools competing for highly-skilled educators.

  • Coverage for dependents: Many teachers have families of their own, and securing health insurance coverage for their dependents is important. Again, covering dependents in a group policy comes at an additional cost - but it may cost less than having teachers buy family plans separately.

  • Local vs international plans: If you’re teaching in a foreign country, an international plan can be a more convenient solution that offers health benefits worldwide. Local teacher health insurance plans will be more affordable, however you should also weigh up the cost of separate health or travel plans each time you fly home or away on holiday.

  • Insurance service levels: Customer service and ease of use with an insurance policy is important to everyone. Teachers often have very little time to themselves outside of work, and spending it navigating confusing, and frustrating service systems is frustrating at best. Direct billing, and 24-hour customer service lines can make your whole experience more streamlined so all you have to focus on is your own wellbeing.

The good news for schools, and educators is that teacher health insurance solutions can be extremely flexible. With Pacific Prime, you’ll be able to add, amend, and remove different coverage aspects to ensure that you, your family, or your staff are getting all of the coverage they need - and you’re not paying for anything you don’t!


Is securing health insurance for your teachers important?

When it comes to educating the next industry and country leaders, hiring the best teachers is top-of-mind for many HR teams at schools. The thing is, how can you attract the best? One solution is to offer a robust benefits plan, of which health insurance is a crucial element.

Finding, securing, and managing the best health insurance for your teachers is an enormous job, especially if you have more than one campus or schools in different countries. Our dedicated team of school insurance experts are here to help.  

Partnering with Pacific Prime for your health insurance

Having worked with some of the largest schools in Asia and the Middle East, Pacific Prime has developed dedicated school and teacher insurance solutions ideal for schools of any size, solutions that aim to help take the load off of your HR team and teachers themselves.  

The added advantage of securing your teacher health insurance through Pacific Prime gets you or your staff not just a comprehensive healthcare plan, but an engaged, and supportive insurance partner. We have claims and renewal teams that are there to ensure that you’re always in control of your plan and that any claims or inquiries are done smoothly. With us, you’ll have more time to focus on you while you let us handle your insurance.

Individual, and corporate insurance quotes

Teacher health insurance plans for individuals, and school groups can be secured, and managed through us throughout the world. We have six global offices that can support you, and your people wherever you are, and supporting international schools is also one of our specialities. We work with a number of large education institutions, and are well experienced in supporting teachers with adequate, and effective healthcare solutions.

For an individual teacher health insurance quote, click the button below. To learn more about our school group insurance solutions, visit our corporate website.

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