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Short Term Health Insurance

Cover for overseas travelers designed for between 1 - 12 months.

Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Customisable benefits make short term health plans the most sought after and best option for you if you’re going to be spending time overseas. Short term health insurance policies cover you for anywhere between 1 and 12 months, often with an option of turning your policy into a full annual insurance plan after your 12 months are up.

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Area of Coverage

With a travel insurance policy, you will find that if you need extensive treatment your insurer will try and have you relocated to a medical health facility or hospital back in your home country. This means that you will then be covered under a home insurance plan, and will no longer be receiving treatment through your travel insurer. Conversely, a short term plan lets you choose where and how you can receive treatment. You can remain in the country you’re visiting to receive treatment, visit a neighbouring country with premium quality health facilities or return home for the comfort of familiarity. With a short term health plan the choice is yours.


 Short Term plans have the highest levels of coverage available and will provide comprehensive protection for the period of time. Get extremely high levels of protection providing coverage for:

Coverage Limit (USD)
Maximum cover per person per trip
Outpatient treatment by a doctor/specialist
Prescribed medicines
Prescribed treatment by a physiotherapist
$ 2,500
Provisional pain-stilling dental treatment
$ 200
Ambulance transportation
Medical evacuation
Return trip
Compassionate emergency repatriation
Next-of-kin accompaniment
Compassionate emergency visit
Home transportation of the deceased
Statutory arrangements in case of death
Board, lodging and local transport for a person summoned or accompanying the insured, per day
$ 300


Why Not Just Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance policy has much lower levels of coverage than a short term health insurance policy. Travel insurance policies typically cover you for limited in-patient treatment, and exclude any treatments for pre-existing conditions. While the extent of coverage differs based on the specific travel insurance plan you choose, a short term health insurance policy provides you with many more options, and a much more extensive range of coverage choices due to the ability to customise the plans.

Travel Insurance

If your plans for travel will be less than three months, Travel Insurance may be the best option for you. If you are looking to find insurance for that short period of time, please click below.

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