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Pakistan Health Insurance

Locally compliant international medical insurance for those living or working in Pakistan. Customized Pakistan health insurance plans and quotes available.

Pakistan Health Insurance

Health insurance in Pakistan

Securing a health insurance plan if you’re going to visit, relocate to, or are already living in Pakistan helps cover your medical costs when you’re in the area. Pacific Prime makes it easy for you to find the best plan for your needs and budget. Simply click the button below to receive a free quote or continue reading to find out about health insurance in Pakistan. 

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Overview of healthcare in Pakistan 

Many foreign nationals who are traveling or relocating to Pakistan are concerned about the state of the country’s healthcare. However, Pakistan’s healthcare system is extremely robust. 

As an active member of the UN, Pakistan is committed to following and modeling its own social service systems after those recommended by the UN. As a result, Pakistan has a comprehensive medical system, and the country is able to provide some of the highest quality medical treatment in the South Asian region. 

Offering a combination of both public and private medical facilities, Pakistan’s healthcare system can deliver a wide variety of medical options. It’s worth noting that there can be times when the healthcare system is placed under a lot of strain, due to the country’s ongoing state of struggle with India and the prevalence of natural disasters like earthquakes.

Pakistan health-related travel advice

  • Due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, there is a high threat of terrorism against foreign nationals in Pakistan. Travelers should avoid large groups and gatherings, and not get involved in any form of social protest. 
  • When traveling through or residing in Pakistan, you should stay alert for any government announcements involving civil unrest or terrorist acts and follow official directions accordingly.
  • The most common types of crimes against foreign nationals include petty theft involving passports and wallets, armed car robbery, kidnappings, and murders. 
  • Disease risks in Pakistan include bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A through E, typhoid fever, dengue fever, malaria, rabies, and polio. Some cases of bird flu have been reported in remote areas, and the H5N1 virus remains a severe health threat. All those visiting and residing in Pakistan are advised to be aware of the potential health threats and take the necessary precautions. 

Medical insurance options for expats in Pakistan 

There are many reasons why it is essential to get medical insurance in Pakistan. For instance, the risk of diseases such as malaria as well as the possibility of overcrowded public hospitals both add to the necessity of securing private health insurance. The private health insurance options you can choose from include:

International health insurance

International health insurance is a recommended option since these plans are designed with mobile expats and frequent travelers in mind. International insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for healthcare virtually all across the globe, and also include unique features such as repatriation and emergency evacuation benefits. 

Local health insurance

Alternatively, you can choose a local Pakistan health insurance plan, though your coverage will be limited to within the country only. Local health insurance is a good option if you’re going to spend most of your time in Pakistan and only travel overseas occasionally.

Travel insurance 

If you’re traveling to Pakistan for a short period of time, travel insurance may be the best choice for you. This type of insurance provides coverage for emergency medical treatment and repatriation costs along with mishaps that are related to travel, such as flight delays and cancelations. 

What is the cost of international health insurance in Pakistan? 

The cost of international health insurance in Pakistan will vary based on factors such as age, current health status, and coverage requirements. According to our Cost of International Health Insurance - 2018 report, the average cost of international health insurance for all plans and demographics in Pakistan is USD $7,234. 

The average cost of health insurance for international plans are:

Want to know more about health insurance options in Pakistan for you or your family? Just click the button below to receive a free personalized quote. 

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