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Hong Kong Health Insurance | Medical Health Plans

Looking for medical insurance in Hong Kong? Check out Pacific Prime’s guide on health care, and public and private hospitals in Asia’s international city!

Hong Kong Health Insurance

Pacific Prime is your leading Asian insurance intermediary, headquartered in Hong Kong and serving over 120,000 clients across 30 different countries. Whether you’re looking for coverage for yourself, your family, or your company, our team of experienced and qualified advisors can provide HK health insurance solutions that meet your needs.

We’ve created this guide to help you understand the differences between the private and public health care systems in Hong Kong. To download the FREE PDF just click the button below.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well known for having one of the best public health systems in Asia, as well as a top quality private health care options. The Hong Kong Hospital Authority oversees 41 public hospitals, 47 specialist, and 73 general out-patient clinics across Hong Kong with 17 of these hospitals operating Accident and Emergency departments that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Public hospitals are often praised for their well-trained staff, modern facilities, and strong outcomes, while the cost to Hong Kong citizens and ID card holders is heavily subsidised to ensure care is universally affordable.

The private healthcare sector in Hong Kong boasts a smaller 13 hospitals, but these institutions offer patients much shorter waiting times, and greater freedom for individuals to schedule selective surgeries to suit their schedules. Private facilities will also provide extras such as free wireless internet, a personal entertainment system, and private room options for patients admitted for multiple days. Their outstanding reputation of internationally-trained specialist staff and modern facilities is funded through market costs. Out-patient appointments can be HK$1,000 + each time, while a multiple night stay in a private hospital will cost you several thousands per night.

The cost of healthcare in Hong Kong generally is considered to be affordable when compared to countries like the US, even in private institutions. Many expats choose private medical insurance coverage however for the shorter wait times, greater access and options of care, and the guarantee of multilingual staff in private hospitals which can make the experience of receiving care in a foreign country much less stressful.

Visiting Hong Kong

Tourists heading to Hong Kong are not legally required to obtain any insurance or hospital insurance to cover their visit, however it is recommended as non-subsidised medical care can be on the expensive side. The country is one of the safest places on Earth but if you’re planning on visiting one of the many scenic areas it would pay to be covered as many hiking trails can be steep and its tropical landscape features some interesting and venomous creepy crawlies.

Expatriates in Hong Kong

Expats living in Hong Kong with a valid visa and HKID will have access to the highly subsidised public healthcare, however the system is often stretched beyond its capacity - especially during specific periods like influenza season. The cost of medical care in the private sector can easily be ten times the subsidized cost of their public counterpart, however the benefits include shorter wait times, better facilities and a more patient-orientated approach to care. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you secure a Hong Kong based medical insurance plan.

Insurance Solutions

Choosing a health insurance solution for Hong Kong can be a confusing task, luckily Pacific Prime has all the information you’ll need to find the right medical insurance for your stay in Hong Kong. Our health insurance page can show you the sort of HK medical insurance solutions we offer, or you can check out our online comparison tool to start comparing plans. If you want to talk to someone, please contact our expert advisors who can make the process easy!

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