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Romania Health Insurance

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Health Insurance in Romania

If you’re visiting or moving to Romania, then you should ensure you have health insurance so that you can offset your private medical care costs in the region. Pacific Prime can offer you the best plan for your healthcare needs, and at a great price too! Click the button below for a free personalized quote, or read on to find out about health insurance in Romania.


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Overview of healthcare in Romania

In comparison with other European countries, the standard of healthcare in Romania is relatively poor. Many public facilities do not have enough medical staff, lack adequate medical equipment, and experience extreme overcrowding in emergency rooms. Unsurprisingly, public hospital conditions tend to be in even worse condition in rural areas and smaller cities.

The Romanian healthcare system has also been experiencing a mass exodus in medical staff, and has one of the lowest physicians per population ratios in the whole of Europe. One major reason for the ever shrinking workforce is because most medical staff are underpaid, as the public healthcare system is severely underfunded.

Since Romania joined the European Union in 2007, it has been a lot easier for Romanian nationals to work in other parts of the EU. Many Romanian medical staff have since decided to emigrate to wealthier countries such as Germany, UK, and France, in favor of higher pay and better working conditions.

On the other hand, large university centres remain overcrowded with doctors. This further exemplifies the uneven distribution of doctors throughout the country. Equity of access to healthcare services in Romania is also lacking, as it’s often common for physicians to take informal payments for their services.

Those seeking quality medical care are advised to visit private clinics and hospitals, which are available in the major cities such as Bucharest. The private system is attractive to expats, as they offer a high quality of service that is comparable to the care you would expect in developed Western countries. Most medical staff in private facilities can communicate in English.

Healthcare coverage in Romania

If you’re visiting Romania or are an expat moving here, you likely won’t be covered for any medical treatment in the country unless you belong to one of the following groups:

  • You’re a holder of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • You’re covered by the Romanian social security system
  • You’re a national of a country that has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Romania

If you’re an EEA citizen and have an EHIC, please note that it won’t cover you for private treatment in Romania or any other country within the EEA, unless the private hospital is registered to provide state healthcare. The EHIC also does not cover your healthcare costs in Romania if your sole purpose of travelling there is to undergo medical treatment.

Please note that the EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance, as it does not cover a return flight to your home country, lost baggage, flight delays, repatriation services, etc. Non-EU expats who are moving to Romania on a work permit will need to provide proof of having health insurance before they can successfully get their visa.

Those who are not covered will most likely need to pay immediately and in cash for accessing medical treatment, so it’s essential that you protect yourself financially by securing an adequate Romania health insurance policy for your needs.

Romania health-related travel advice

  • Recommended vaccinations: Besides keeping up-to-date with your routine vaccinations (e.g. the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine), it’s also advised to get the Hepatitis A vaccine as there’s a chance to contract it via contaminated food and water in Romania. The Hepatitis B vaccine is also recommended for some travellers, as you can get it through sexual contact and contaminated needles (e.g. by getting a tattoo). If you’re going to be travelling in remote areas or working around animals, be sure to get the rabies vaccine.
  • Recent outbreaks: Since February 2016, there has been an ongoing measles outbreak in Romania. The region also saw the first case of H5N8 avian flu in wild birds in January 2017. As of the time of writing, no human cases of the H5N8 strain of bird flu have been reported so far. That being said, similar strains of bird flu have caused human infection in the past, so it’s still advisable to be vigilant should you come into contact with birds.
  • Road safety: Road conditions in Romania are variable. Major streets and roads are generally in good or fair condition, although secondary roads can be in a poor state of repair. In rural areas, horse-drawn carts, livestock and stray dogs share many roads. These are difficult to see at night, so make sure you drive carefully to avoid accidents. Winter snow removal on major roads can be intermittent, therefore it’s important that you test your brakes regularly.
  • Other risks: Much of the region is mountainous or hilly. If you’re planning on travelling to destinations of 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) or higher, be sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent rapid ascent as it can put you at a higher risk of altitude sickness.
  • Emergencies: The emergency number in Romania is 112. This number covers all emergency services, including the police, fire department, and ambulance.

Health insurance options for expats in Romania

Considering the generally poor quality of public healthcare in Romania, expats are advised to consider private health insurance. Below are the medical insurance options available:

International health insurance

Securing international health insurance will ensure that you can enjoy comprehensive healthcare coverage virtually anywhere in the world. This type of medical insurance plan is ideal for expats and frequent travellers, as it further features emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits.

Local health insurance

While in most cases local health insurance is cheaper than international health insurance, local health insurance will only cover you in Romania. If you plan to be spending most of your time in Romania, then this type of plan may be the best option for you.

Travel insurance

If you’re visiting Romania for a short period of time, a travel insurance policy may be all that you require. Best suited for short trips, travel plans provide coverage for emergency medical treatment and repatriation costs, as well as other mishaps such as flight cancellations and stolen baggage.

What is the cost of international health insurance in Romania?

The cost of international health insurance in Romania will vary depending on your age, coverage requirements, health, etc. Our Cost of Health Insurance - 2017 report reveals that the average cost of health insurance in Romania is USD 7,571.

The average cost of international health insurance for the different types of plans in Romania is:

  • USD 3,831 for individuals
  • USD 7,357 for couples
  • USD 10,738 for families
  • USD 8,356 for retirees

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