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Macedonia Health Insurance

Medical insurance for those living or working in Macedonia. Customized Macedonia health insurance plans and quotes available.

  • Macedonia Medical Insurance

    Macedonia is a small landlocked country located in the Southern region of Europe. The country shares boundaries with Serbia and Montenegro on the North, Bulgaria to the East, Greece in the South, and Albania to the West. Macedonia has a total area of 25,333 sq km. The capital city of Macedonia is Skopje, which is located in the Northwestern part of the country. The climate in Macedonia features hot summers and cold winters, autumn tends to be dry in the country. The average temperature in July is between 20 and 23°C, while in January it is between –20 and 0°C. Snowfalls can be heavy in the winter. Macedonia is a country rich in culture, antiquities, and natural beauty. The country’s age-old architecture, monasteries, and churches offer a beautiful contrast of the past with the present, reflecting its historical and cultural legacy. It is also a paradise for outdoor activities lovers; its extensive wilderness allows many opportunities for hikers, mountain climbers, and skiers.

    In Macedonia all citizens and registered long-term residents are eligible to receive free compulsory State funded healthcare. Universal public healthcare in the country covers unlimited visits to a personal primary care physician, preventive care, examinations, and treatments. Private healthcare is also available in the country. The Ministry of Health (MOH) oversees the country’s health service and it governs the Macedonia Health Insurance Fund (HIF), which is responsible for collecting the contributions, allocate funds, supervise, and contract healthcare providers.

    Under the public healthcare system, all citizens are entitled by law to equal access to healthcare. Employers are responsible for registering their employees with the HIF. It is mandatory that both the employees and employers contribute into the healthcare fund. Employees are required to contribute 0.5% of their gross salary for insurance against work related illnesses or diseases. Many companies do opt to contribute additional sums to the health fund to provide health services coverage to their employees. Contributions made by employed family members also cover dependant family members. Public healthcare provides most of the medical services within the country free of charge, including treatment by specialists, hospitalisation, emergency treatment including ambulance transportation, medicines included on the positive list, home visits by doctors, dental treatment of oral disease, surgical appliances, pregnancy and childbirth and rehabilitation.

    Private healthcare is also available in Macedonia. Private clinics are run and managed by independent doctors and specialists. All equipment and personnel are funded by the doctors themselves and through private insurance contributions. If you choose to visit a doctor at a private clinic, you will not be covered by State healthcare and are required to make an out-of-pocket payment for all services rendered. Some Macedonian citizens choose to buy additional private insurance on top of the basic State healthcare coverage to ensure that they are fully covered for all eventualities.

    Macedonian citizens can register with any General Practitioner (GP) of their choice; however, for people seeking for public healthcare, they must ensure that the chosen doctor is contracted into the HIF scheme. Under normal circumstances, in order to visit a specialist doctor or to be admitted into a hospital, patients are required to receive a referral from their doctor/consultant. In the case of an emergency, no GP referral is required for hospital admission. Other responsibilities of GPs include the prescription of drugs and medicines, treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, provision of medical examinations, and preventive care and health education. Health clinics are staffed by qualified doctors and nurses. Doctors are allowed to work in both private and public sectors at the same time and can use State facilities for their treatment.

    Hospitals and clinics are available in all major towns and cities of Macedonia. The quality of hospitals within the country varies according to whether the patients are under public or private healthcare. Privately insured patients normally get a single or double room, while State insured patients may have to share a room with two or three other people.

    In Macedonia, there are State-run pharmacies as well as private pharmacies. Only doctors and qualified consultants can prescribe medicine. Prescription medicine is only available from a qualified and registered chemist or from a hospital pharmacy. The Ministry of Health draws up a positive list of reimbursable prescription medicines, although in some cases patients may have to make co-payments up to 20 percent of the cost. Citizens who belong to vulnerable groups of society are exempt from charges. If you visit a private pharmacy, you have to pay the full cost of your medicine. In areas where there is no state pharmacy, the HIF has an agreement for the pharmacist to provide reimbursable prescription medicine.

    As is the case with any universal healthcare system, there are always long queuing times that can be a hassle during your trip. Should you desire to receive immediate treatment at a doctor or clinic of your choice, an expat medical insurance plan will be the optimal solution for you. This will give you a peace-of-mind knowing that medical costs will be covered quickly and efficiently in case of an accident or illness for yourself and your family while travelling to Macedonia.

    We offer a wide range of policies to meet your individual needs, including benefits such as dental, maternity, inpatient, outpatient, specialist consultations, and many others. . Contact our professional advisers today to enjoy full insurance protection such as an Health Insurance Plan for yourself and your family. 

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