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Health Insurance in France

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Medical Insurance in France

France provides one of the most accessible social systems in the world. The French government contributes a significant amount of its GDP towards implementing better social programs and progressive social reforms. The French Healthcare system receives approximately 9.8% of the country’s total GDP annually, and was voted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as being one of the best healthcare system in the world.

The healthcare system is directly funded by French public taxation; each citizen contributes approximately 20% of their annual salary towards keeping these social and medical care services in place.This contribution towards social stability is known in France as ‘Securite sociale’ and aims to ensure access to world class, top quality healthcare for all citizines. The ‘Securite sociale’ system covers everyone in France who has employee status as well as that person’s family, including spouse and children. Recieving healthcare or medical treatment, regardless of the type and in both private and public medical facilities, will typically be compensated up to 70% of the final cost by the government.

Since 2006 the French healthcare system expanded outside of the traditional coverage of the past to greater heights with CMU (couverture maladie universelle) which essentially provides individuals with universal coverage for any injuries or illness that they may have. CMU coverage is available to any person with legal residential status in France who has had 3 continuous months of residing in the nation. In other words, everyone who is not covered by the ‘Securite sociale’ is provided coverage under CMU.

Foreign nationals who have been provided medical care in France and do not have health insurance usually have a particularly tough time being able to pay for the expensive top quality treatments that they have received. In a bid to stop foreigners receiving what constituted as free treatment, the government made it mandatory for people of certain nationalities to have some form of healthcare coverage. Because of the levels of expenditure and compensation, the French healthcare systems are some of the costliest in the globe. Analysts foresee that the healthcare and medical service in France could have a negative balance of close to Euro $70 billion by the conclusion of 2020.

It is therefore important that visitors and expatriates obtain a comprehensive medical and travel insurance policy before arriving in the country.

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