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About Samoa

Located in the Pacific Ocean at the heart of Polynesia, approximately half way between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa used to be a German protectorate pre world war one. Samoa was originally known as the Navigators islands, most notably because of the Samoans′ natural seafaring skills. During world war one it was split into to protectorates, one held by America, now American Samoa, and the other taken by the British. Samoa was occupied by New Zealand military forces during its time as a British protectorate, until in 1962 when Samoa became the first independent pacific island nation. Previously known as Western Samoa, the "Western" was later dropped in 1997. Samoa consists of 2 main islands, 2 smaller islands and lots of little uninhabited islands and sand flats. The smaller of the main islands, Upolu, is where parliament is seated and where the country is run from. On any given day the western most point of the larger island, Savaii, is the last place to see the sun set in the world.

Whenever you travel to a new country it can be daunting and because of this it is often important to have some background information on your destination. Because of this we have provided a general outline of Samoa below. Please be advised that information contained in this page is subject to change without prior warning or knowledge, and as such you should consult an expert for the most accurate details.

Official Name: Independent State of Samoa

Capital: Apia

Location : Samoa is located in the South Pacific approximately half way between Hawaii and New Zealand

Size: Samoa is approximately 2,944 sq km′s, slightly larger than Luxembourg

Climate: Samoa′s weather consists of a wet season and a dry season, with each running for approximately 6 months, with a smaller hurricane season running through the middle of the wet season. During these seasons hurricane warnings are common and hurricanes are not uncommon.

Population: Samoa has an approximate population of 219,998 people.

Life expectancy at birth: At birth the average Samoan citizen can expect to live up to 71.3 years of age.

Major illnesses: Although not common there are sometimes outbreaks of typhoid and dengue fever.

Ethnicities: approximately 92.6% of people in Samoa are ethnic Samoans, with 7% being Euronesians (half Polynesian half European) and 0.4% of European decent.

Languages: Samoan, English

Religion: 99.90% are Christian, with 0.01% being unspecified. Of this, 34.8% are Congregationalist, 19.6% are Roman Catholic, 15% Methodist, 12.7% are Latter Day Saints, 6.6% assembly of God, 3.5% Seven Day Adventists, 1.3% Worship Centre and 4.5% other Christian.

Government: Samoa is a parliamentary democracy, where the Prime Minister is selected by the people and the Head of State is then elected by the cabinet.

Head of State: Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Efi is the current head of state

Government: Samoa is a parliamentary democracy, where the Prime Minister is selected by the people and the Head of State is then elected by the cabinet.

Economy : Samoa′s economy is mainly reliant on development aid, family remittances from overseas and its agricultural and fishing sectors of the economy, however despite this the tourism section of the economy is starting to grow quite rapidly. An approximate 188, 900 tourists visited Samoa in 2008. The agriculture sector of the economy employs roughly two thirds of the labor force, which consists mostly of fruit and hardwood plantations and livestock rearing to a small degree. The other 10% of the economy is primarily employed in the manufacturing sector of the economy, either making items that assist in the agricultural side of the economy or making car wiring for major car companies in Australia. The Samoan Government has called for deregulation of the financial sector, encouragement of investment, and continued fiscal discipline hoping to stimulate business in. Economic observers point to the flexibility of the labor market as a basic strength for future economic advances. Despite the economic turndown Samoa has experienced little inflation and foreign reserves or cash remain stable.

GDP: Samoa has a GDP purchasing power of approximately $1.057 billion US dollars.

For more information about Samoa, the international health insurance plans that we can offer there, or to receive a free quote, please contact one of our expert advisers today.