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Australia Health Insurance

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Australia Medical Insurance Information

With Australia rapidly emerging as a major economic power and creating strong ties with the rest of Asia, and China in particular, many foreign nationals are seeing the country as a prime relocation destination. While many people will understand general Australian lifestyle and cultural habits quite easily, there is one major area of concern for many expatriates who have recently moved to the country, and this is in regards to Australia's health care and insurance system.

The Australian Healthcare system is a mix of both private and public organizations and services. The responsibility for providing healthcare services is split between the state and federal governments with both public and private entities playing a major role in the industry. The Australian healthcare system has large financial reserves, which allow it to adequately provide treatment and services to patients all over the country; however it is also burdened with lengthy bureaucratic procedures and oversight, meaning that it can take a long time for a patient to receive the care, or treatments, that they need.

The country currently spends approximately 8.5% of its total GDP on healthcare services, which is close to the amounts spent on healthcare by the USA , UK , and Canada . The Australian government pays for approximately 70% of the nations overall healthcare expenditure and the other 30% of costs are paid by non-government organizations such as insurance and private payment. The bulk of the Australian healthcare system is publicly funded and approximately 70% of the total hospital beds in the country are located in Public hospitals.

While this affords the majority of the Australian population with low cost, high quality healthcare, there are some problems inherent in this type of healthcare system, namely the large amount of bureaucratic oversight into the way that medical organization run, and in turn extended waiting periods for patients who have less serious medical conditions. This has lead to a large amount of criticism directed towards the current healthcare establishment and has given way to the rapid development of a number of high quality private medical facilities and hospitals throughout the country.

The private medical facilities in Australia , while predominantly offering a higher quality of treatment than the public hospitals, have their own drawbacks. Australian private hospitals are much more expensive than the hospitals and clinics run by the government, primarily because they receive very little, or no, government funding and in order to cover basic operating costs they must charge higher prices than the fixed rates found at government hospitals. Private hospitals however do not have the issue of treatment delays or extensive oversight slowing down the treatment process, which means that, for people who can afford the care, private medical facilities in Australia offer a higher standard of service.

Overall Australia is an extremely healthy nation with a well rounded healthcare service. As is true with any country in the world, there are some problems inherent in the system, however most people are able to receive the care that they need when they need it. The only way to truly avoid the issues and concerns of any healthcare system in the world is through a quality international health insurance plan. These plans give you the flexibility to go to the doctor or hospital of your choice meaning that no matter where in the world you may be located, from Australia to the USA , you will always be able to receive the highest standard of care available.

For more information about Australia health care and insurance system, or to receive a free comprehensive health insurance quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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