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Vietnam Health Insurance

Pacific Prime offers a wide range of health insurance in Vietnam that can cover your well-being in one of Asia’s most culture rich countries. Contact us now for Vietnam medical insurance quotes.

Visiting Vietnam: exploring the timeless charm of the Orient

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its 92 million inhabitants stretch across its diverse landscapes; crammed into bustling cities such as Hanoi and the capital Ho Chi Minh, and spread across countless villages and smaller towns that dot the countryside. Vietnamese is the official language, however the influence of French colonial rule is still seen in many places around the country.

An extremely popular destination for travelers, there are also more and more expats moving to the country to work since the government made obtaining a visa easier. In particular, you’ll find enclaves of expats around major cities such as Ho Chi Minh. Tourists can marvel at the country’s natural beauty, witness some of the scars of wars long passed, or simply enjoy the local food, which is both delicious and super affordable.

Healthcare in Vietnam

The country is currently striving towards a universal healthcare system, with 71.6% of the population holding public health insurance in Vietnam by the end of 2014. The public system features generous government subsidies dependent on means; those of modest means in disadvantaged areas having full subsidized care, whilst poor people in more affluent areas have 80% paid, and farmers and fishermen with average living conditions have access to a 30% benefit.

Public vs private healthcare in Vietnam

There are a mix of public and private healthcare providers in Vietnam, however most of the private providers are concentrated in the outpatient care sector (60% of outpatient service providers are private, while only 4% of inpatient providers are). The government has been working hard to upgrade and expand its health sector, particularly developing its preventative care system. Medical service quality has been improving over time, with hi-tech services being introduced widely.

However, there remains a large gap between the standard of care between urban and rural regions, with a further unbalanced level of care between primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. As can be expected with universal healthcare systems, Vietnam hospitals have experienced overloading, which is exacerbated by an imbalance in resourcing allocations. Health insurance take-up in Vietnam remains slow in the country.

Public hospitals are generally not of a Western standard and are sometimes underfunded and understaffed. Medical staff in public hospitals may also only speak Vietnamese, meaning care can sometimes be a slow and frustrating process for expatriates who don’t know the local language. On the other hand, private hospitals are excellent with medical experts trained overseas (often speaking English and/or French). Prices can vary and are generally lower than Western costs, however fees can build and be considerably expensive. Having the right Vietnam health insurance plan is therefore essential. 

Vietnam health insurance options 

There are a range of options available to consumers looking to secure their health in Vietnam. Individual health plans are the most common, but there are also plans available to families, couples, and retirees; all offering different policy make ups to ensure that your plan fits your situation. Once you know what sort of Vietnam health insurance plan you might need, you’ll need to think about the type of insurance policy that best suits your healthcare needs.

As are your options in most places around the world, Vietnam health insurance can be secured through the three following types of plans: travel, local, and international. Which specific plan is best for you will depend on your circumstances, however it is important to know exactly what these options are before you purchase Vietnam health insurance:

Travel insurance

The most commonly bought insurance for people heading away on short trips or vacations, Vietnam travel insurance plans will be much like those offered elsewhere. Travel plans are generally inexpensive and purchased quickly and easily. While they’re convenient and less costly than other insurance types, you really need to be aware of their limitations:



  • Cheap and easy to obtain
  • Perfect for short trips
  • Includes travel benefits such as coverage for lost luggage or cancelled flights
  • Can cover many minor health issues
  • Low health benefits and limits for many moderate to significant health problems
  • Health benefits often designed simply to get you well enough to fly back to your home country for care
  • Pre-existing conditions almost always excluded

Local insurance

We’re not talking about public health insurance here. What we actually mean when we discuss local insurance in Vietnam is private health coverage provided by local providers. These plans are like any of the plans you might buy in your own home country: They’re a bit more expensive than travel insurance, but they provide higher benefits and limits for care. They can also be largely tailored to the local health system.



  • Local insurers with local health system knowledge
  • Can include optional coverage such as outpatient, dental, vision, or maternity insurances
  • Can include pre-existing conditions, generally for an extra fee
  • Great for expats staying solely in Vietnam for a year or more
  • No travel-related coverage
  • May come with networks that restrict which healthcare providers you can visit
  • Provides no coverage for treatment outside of Vietnam; meaning you will need separate policies should you travel elsewhere while based in Vietnam

International insurance

International medical insurance plans are your most comprehensive form of coverage. Designed with expats in mind, these plans feature extensive worldwide coverage, the widest range of private and semi-private hospitals, medical staff, and care options to choose from, as well as the highest benefits and limit levels of the above plan types. If you’re a frequent traveller who will use Vietnam as their base, international plans could be right for you.



  • Portability: Go virtually anywhere in the world without having to purchase a separate local or travel plan
  • Great benefit and limit levels
  • Fully customizable coverage options, including maternity, dental, and vision
  • Can include pre-existing conditions
  • Ability to seek treatment from virtually any facility and from a wide range of specialists, including many premium-level private hospitals
  • Can be more costly than other options 
  • Coverage may be excessive for some people, especially those not planning on travelling
  • Some countries may not recognize international plans as meeting visa/entry requirements

Medical insurance in Vietnam: What are the costs?

Once you know what type of insurance you might be interested in buying, there is still a range of different cost options available to decide upon. Pacific Prime, in particular, provides excellent international private medical insurance options. Our teams also consider the average cost of international health insurance around the world, including in Vietnam. The average cost in Vietnam is USD 7,775, while the figures for plan types are:





* Prices are in USD, available from our annual report: Cost of International Health Insurance 2018

Using our online comparison tool, individual insurance for a 1-year policy covering inpatient and outpatient care for a 35 year old male may cost anywhere from USD 69 per month, to as high as USD 1,521 for a fully comprehensive plan with the highest benefits available. Again, being clear about what your Vietnam health insurance needs are will ensure that you pay just the right amount for the coverage you require.

How do I buy health insurance in Vietnam?

With Pacific Prime, you don’t need to wait until you visit Vietnam to buy insurance; we can organize it for you now! Our expert staff can help you assess and clarify your health needs - whether for an individual, family, or corporate group - and provide you with options to choose from. We have over 19 years experience in delivering robust insurance solutions to more than 500,000 members around the world.

For a free quote or some helpful advice, contact our team today!


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