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Kazakhstan Health Insurance

Locally compliant international medical insurance for those living or working in Kazakhstan. Customized Kazakhstan health insurance plans and quotes available.

Kazakhstan, located in central Asia, was formerly a part of the Soviet Union gaining its independence in 1991. Since then the nation has attempted to change its image, and with the discovery of large oil, natural gas, and metal deposits, the levels of international investment in the country has surged in recent years. Renowned as a place with endless steppes, fantastic local culture, and an economy that is starting to take off, Kazakhstan has much to offer.

We can offer people in Kazakhstan dedicated international health insurance plans that will provide comprehensive coverage in the East and around the world. Health insurance plans that we can offer will usually have a number of benefits that a policyholder is able to tailor to suit their specific requirements. With coverage options including out-patient, dental, maternity, and emergency evacuation, you will be assured of receiving the highest levels of quality treatment anywhere in the world.

Kazakhstan Medical Insurance News

When Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union the nation had an extremely well developed public healthcare system with treatment being provided to all citizens throughout the country at little or no cost. After the fall of the USSR, however, the healthcare system in Kazakhstan rapidly deteriorated as many of the medical staff emigrated overseas in search of better opportunities and by 1993 the system as a whole was rated as the worst medical service of all the former Soviet nations.

While the Kazakh government has always been keen to return to a quality healthcare system providing universal care for little or no cost, the main issue has been funding. As a consequence of this large parts of the healthcare system have been privatized putting many of the best medical services beyond the budget of ordinary Kazakh citizens. Spending approximately 2% of the nations GDP on healthcare has seen some services improve, however lack of access to up-to-date technologies and medicines have meant that the quality of treatment, despite the growing availability, are extremely low and as a consequence the nation is suffering.

One of the most telling facts in regards to the current healthcare crisis in Kazakhstan is the average life expectancy of 67.55 years. The global average life expectancy is 66.12 years, and this takes into account countries that are far worse off than Kazakhstan. The fact that the life expectancy there is so low however, points to serious issues in the provision of healthcare throughout the country as a whole. In addition to this the nation has seen the widespread return of communicable diseases that were once virtually extinct, such as Tuberculosis. Many of these illnesses are associated with individuals living in poverty, and the fact that these have returned and that the nation is starting to experience a pandemic, all point to the fact that something must change.

Even though there is this crisis within the Kazakh healthcare community the country is able to provide some top class services. However, these are usually only offered at the most expensive private hospitals, and then only in the major cities. As the 9th largest country in the world much of the Kazakh population lives outside of these cities and in the countryside, where access to medical treatment is hard to obtain. Where there are clinics and medical facilities in these remote areas, they are typically only able to offer immediate emergency services and will not usually be able to provide long term care for serious illnesses. Patients requiring more than immediate emergency care will often be evacuated to an alternate medical facility, even if it is one located outside of the country.

Even at the best hospitals and clinics in Kazakhstan may not be able to provide treatment up to the standards that many expatriates are used to, and as such many of the foreigners in the country will travel overseas to receive their healthcare. We can provide international health insurance plans to foreign nationals in Kazakhstan which will provide emergency evacuation coverage, giving you the guarantee that no matter what happens you will always be able to receive the treatment that you deserve.

Kazakhstan health insurance plans that we can offer will afford you comprehensive coverage no matter where you may be located and will typically be guaranteed renewable for life, giving you the assurance that no matter what happens you will always have the quality treatment that you deserve. Policies will usually afford you a number of additional benefits including coverage for out-patient treatment, maternity, dental, specialist consultations, alternative therapies, complimentary medicines, and emergency treatment.


Kazakhstan Travel Tips

Please be advised that the information contained on this page is not comprehensive and may be liable to change without prior warning, as such you should consult a travel expert prior to departing on your journey.

  • There is a general threat of terrorism in Kazakhstan. Attacks, if they occur, could target areas frequented by tourists and foreigners. In the event that there is a terrorist incident while you are in the country you should follow all official directions and act accordingly.
  • There are a number of ‘closed’ or ‘restricted’ areas in the country. Foreigners may not travel to these places without the express prior approval of from the relevant authorities. Most of the restricted areas in Kazakhstan belong to the military and penalties can be severe for entering without a permit.
  • While Kazakhstan is generally a safe country for foreigners there has been a rise in the number of serious crimes targeting foreigners. While the most common form of assistance required by foreign nationals in Kazakhstan is in regards to lost or stolen passports, there have been a number of muggings and rapes reported since the start of 2008. Do not travel alone, and avoid poorly lit areas after dark.
  • Visa’s should be obtained prior to arrival and should cover you for the duration of your trip in the country.
  • If you wish to drive in Kazakhstan you should possess a valid international driving permit. You should be aware that service stations and access to petrol will be limited outside of the major cities, and as such are advised to obtain sufficient supplies prior to departing on your trip.
  • Roads in Kazakhstan are poorly maintained and during the winter are especially hazardous. The quality of driving in the country is also poor and you are advised to be alert at all times.
  • All drugs are illegal in Kazakhstan, and the penalty for possession of even the smallest amounts of narcotics can be severe. Stay away from drugs while in the country.
  • Homosexuality is not illegal in Kazakhstan however it is not widely tolerated, especially outside of the nation’s major cities. There have been a number of reports of same sex couples being violently attacked.
  • You should carry some form of Photographic Identification on your person at all times, failure to do so can result in a fine.
  • You should exercise caution about taking photographs of military instillations, official buildings and at the border. Many restrictions exist and not all of these are well publicized. If you wish to take a photograph you should ask first. This also applies to the local Kazakh population.
  • Local healthcare facilities in Kazakhstan are extremely basic and may not be able to provide much in the way of care. You should ensure that any insurance you have provides an emergency evacuation benefit.
  • There are a number of serious health concerns in Kazakhstan. These include a pandemic of tuberculosis, HIV, Hemorrhagic Fever, brucellosis, and tick bourne encephalitis.

While resident in, or traveling through Kazakhstan, you should remain alert for any government announcements pertaining to civil unrest or terrorist acts and follow official directions accordingly.

For more information about Kazakhstan, the locally compliant international health insurance plans that we can offer there, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

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