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Cambodia Health Insurance

Locally compliant international medical insurance for those living or working in Cambodia. Customized Cambodia health insurance plans and quotes available.

Cambodia Medical Insurance

The health situation in Cambodia is in a critical state; 30% of the Cambodian population lives in extreme poverty without modern sanitation or healthcare facilities, the infant mortality rate in the country is at an all time high (95 deaths per 1000 live births), and access to quality healthcare is extremely limited because of the many financial barriers imposed on a large percentage of the local populace. Even though Cambodia is a rapidly developing Asian nation experiencing growth rates of 5-6% annually, the situation in regards to the nation's healthcare is worsening at the same rate that the nation is growing.

Even though the current Cambodian government has taken steps to introduce a comprehensive public health service, the reforms associated with this system are not having the desired effect. The problems with the Cambodian healthcare system are much the same as a plethora of other Asian nations, low funding levels, poorly trained doctors and nurses, insufficient facilities, and low healthcare salaries all contribute to making the already bad healthcare situation in Cambodia even worse.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Cambodian healthcare system is the fact that corruption is rampant in the Cambodian government and many of the funds that have been allocated towards healthcare and helping the nations extremely poor citizens are often diverted into the bank accounts of prominent government officials. This has meant that even though the Cambodian government spends an extraordinarily large amount on healthcare each year (approximately 12% of the total GDP) only a small amount ever reaches the country's public healthcare system that needs it. This has lead to many public institutions becoming unable to provide even the most basic of treatments and as such having to turn many patients away.

Despite this high level of inefficiency in the Public healthcare system there has been a large amount of development in the private healthcare sector. 85% of all medical expenses in Cambodia can be attributed to patients who use the private healthcare services of the country's top hospitals and medical facilities. There have, however, been recent reforms instituted by the Cambodian government in an effort to address the imbalance in the Cambodian healthcare system that have existed for so long. By creating a strong bureaucratic system of oversight around the public medical services the Cambodian government is attempting to ensure that all of its citizens have the access to quality healthcare facilities that they desperately need. This has, however, not stopped the private sector from booming. With the emergence of Cambodia as a potential Asian economic power there has been the development of a fairly affluent middle class that had never existed in the country before, in conjunction with this there has been the recent trend for Asian countries to market themselves towards the fairly new phenomenon of “medical tourism”, a major market that Cambodia is also capitalizing on.

While quality medical treatment at one of the country's top private hospitals is definitely out of reach for a majority of the local Cambodian population, treatment at these facilities is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign nationals who are experiencing rapid medical inflation in their home countries. By no means cheap, the Kampuchea private healthcare system is a cost effective way for many expatriates to receive the high quality service that they need at a price that is much lower than what they usually associate with high class healthcare. This is not to say that treatments in a Cambodian private hospital or medical facility is cheap, but rather is more closely associate with a country like Thailand than the USA. The problem, however, lies in the fact that there is a fairly limited choice in quality medical facilities and that patients are usually forced to use one of three major hospitals if they want the best treatment that the country has to offer and this has lead to longer waiting times and a delay in service.

The only way to truly guarantee yourself and your loved ones the treatments that you deserve anywhere in the world is with a quality international health insurance plan. We can provide policies that are globally portable and guaranteed for life, this means that even if you and your family should relocate away from Cambodia, your plan will travel with you and continue to provide you with the coverage that you deserve, even if you have been diagnosed with a serious, long lasting, chronic condition.

The Cambodia expat health insurance plans that we can provide will offer you a number of additional benefits including maternity coverage, alternative treatments, complimentary medicines, specialist consultations, dental treatment, and emergency evacuation. This means that international health insurance plans that we can offer in Cambodia or anywhere in the world will always give you the exact levels of coverage that you deserve. 

The main concerns about Cambodia are in reference to healthcare and safety, and while there is a developing network of top quality hospitals and medical facilities, these still are at the development stage and quality.

Feeling comfortable in the knowledge that if something was to happen to a family member their medical costs will be taken care of, is important to us all. Our expert consultants can advise on the most suitable level of coverage for health insurance.

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