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Cambodia Health Insurance

Locally compliant international medical insurance for those living or working in Cambodia. Customized Cambodia health insurance plans and quotes available.

Cambodia Medical Insurance

Whether you’re traveling to Cambodia for holiday or planning on relocating, it’s important to know what your options are when it comes to insurance, as well as medical care and facilities in the country.

Healthcare in Cambodia’s provincial areas is poor, particularly in areas that border with Laos. While you’ll find better healthcare in the major cities, it is still not up to par with international standards. Therefore, when traveling or moving to Cambodia it is imperative that you have full insurance coverage. 

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Healthcare facilities in Cambodia 

The country’s worst healthcare facilities can be found in the provinces. Ratanakiri in particular experiences regular outbreaks of malaria, measles, cholera, and tuberculosis. Even though you can get vaccinations to prevent these conditions, the lack of access to medical attention and medicines contribute to the high rates of maternal and child mortality. 

Aside from minimal medical supplies and equipment, the rural areas are also affected by factors such as poverty, poor infrastructure, limited access to water, and more. Most healthcare facilities are staffed by nurses and midwives who do not have adequate training. 

Similar to most countries, the top medical centers are found in the major cities, which causes them to have high levels of demand. Dental treatment is a luxury in Cambodia. In fact, it’s common for children to have decaying teeth, and many will never get proper dental care. 

Cambodia health-related travel advice

  • Make sure you get all the relevant vaccinations before arriving in Cambodia, including hepatitis A, malaria, diphtheria, tetanus, and yellow fever. 
  • Emergency services are not ideal in Cambodia either. In fact, ambulance services are not known for their speed and calls to public emergency telephone numbers might not go through. Securing international health insurance in Cambodia won’t just save your time, but could potentially save your life as well.
  • Medical evacuation can be extremely expensive. If you don’t have coverage for emergency evacuation, you could pay upwards of USD $20,000 if you have to be airlifted to Bangkok or Singapore. To top it off, you’ll have to pay the transporters upfront.

Health insurance options for expats in Cambodia

The only way to truly guarantee that you and your loved ones get proper treatment anywhere in the world is with a quality international health insurance plan. At Pacific Prime, we can provide policies that are globally portable, which means that even if you and your family move away from Cambodia, your plan will travel with you and continue to provide you with the coverage that you deserve. 

Additionally, the expat health insurance plans in Cambodia that we provide will offer you a number of add-on benefits such as maternity coverage, dental treatment, and emergency evacuation. Contact us today to speak to our expert consultants and find the most suitable health insurance plan for your needs and budget. 

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