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Panama Health Insurance

Medical insurance for those living or working in Panama. Customized Panama health insurance plans and quotes available.

Panama Private Health Insurance

Those moving or traveling to Panama will undoubtedly have many questions regarding how the Panama healthcare system works, as well as whether private health insurance in Panama is necessary. This short guide provides useful information about Panama, its healthcare system, and further outlines the key health insurance options available in the country. Read on to learn more, or click below to obtain a no-obligation, free quote.

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About Panama 

Panama is a Central American country which borders with Colombia in the South, and Costa Rica to the north. Panama was part of the Spanish Empire for 300 years, between 1538-1821. With sandy beaches, forests, jungles and an array of endangered species it is just a matter of time before the tourist boom reaches this country. It has the second-largest rainforest in the world outside of the Amazon Basin, and an abundance of tropical plants, animals, and birds - some of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. 

On the commercial side, Panama has a vital waterway known as the ‘Panama Canal' which generates an essential source of income and is a major reason for an international business migrating to Panama.

It is worth noting that the foreign community is maturing in Panama, due to the Panamanian Government offering tax and price incentives to foreigners buying real-estate. These economic incentives and a growing real estate market make Panama a relatively attractive location for investment and retirement. Tourists come primarily from neighboring countries in the region, followed by North Americans. 

Panama healthcare system

The healthcare system in Panama is both private and public. The healthcare available in the capital is regarded as good, however, outside the capital the medical care is limited and in some rural parts, it is non-existent. Even with the high standard of health care in cities, it is strongly advised that comprehensive health insurance is taken out before leaving for Panama because eventualities such as emergency evacuation are extremely costly.

Public hospitals are funded and maintained by two government bodies, the Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud MINSA) and the Social Security System (Caja de Seguro Social CSS). The MINSA receives its funding from the Government via the general budget and CSS is funded from taxation.

Foreigners and expatriates living in Panama will be responsible for any payment of medical treatment if they are admitted to a private or public hospital. It is strongly recommended when traveling to Panama you have comprehensive Panama expat health insurance cover.

Private healthcare insurance in Panama

The healthcare in private and public hospitals is cheaper compared to that in the USA,  however, taking out comprehensive medical insurance in Panama as a holidaymaker, or an expatriate, is advisable, as the cost of seeking treatment or emergency transportation to your home country is extremely expensive. The notable health risks in Panama include dengue fever, malaria, bacterial diarrhea, cholera, Chagas' disease, rabies, and hepatitis A. All these illnesses are common throughout Panama, but rural areas are even more exposed to them.

If you are looking for peace-of-mind knowing that medical costs will be covered in case of an accident or illness for yourself and your family, a medical insurance plan will be the optimal solution for you. Panama expat health insurance plans can be customized to give you flexibility, meet your individual needs, and can include benefits such as medical evacuation, maternity, dental and many others. Should you require further information on Panama, medical insurance or to receive a free consultation please do not hesitate to contact our expert insurance advisors today! 


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