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Medical insurance for those living or working in Guatemala. Customized Guatemala health insurance plans and quotes available.

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  • Guatemala Medical Insurance

    Guatemala means “land of trees” and is a nation of deep forests and mountainous ranges. It’s 12 million strong population speak Spanish, along with a large number of local indigenous languages. It borders Mexico and Belize to the north, and El Salvador and Honduras to the south, and sits between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country is rich in Mayan history, beautiful beaches and home to more than 30 volcanoes.

    Those planning on visiting or working in Guatemala would be well advised to secure private health insurance to ensure a high standard of care during your stay. When it comes to healthcare, there is both a public and a private health system, and many expats choose the more expensive, “money upfront” private sector for the guarantee of high standards, low wait times, and more advanced facilities. If you’re going to Guatemala, click the button below to get a free medical insurance quote.


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    Overview of healthcare in Guatemala

    The healthcare system in Guatemala is comprised of three divisions; the public sector, the private for-profit sector, and the private non-profit sector. The Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (MSPAS) oversees the public sector alongside the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS), the health services section of the Ministries of Defense and Government, and the San Carlos University.

    Hospitals in the public sector are said to be underfunded and experience frequent shortages of basic medicines and equipment. There are a full range of doctors and medical services in the capital, Guatemala City, however you will find healthcare in rural areas limited. Some villages have no doctor or nurse, but an NGO course-trained community health worker who provides whatever medical care they can.

    The private sector is more reliable. The facilities and general standard of care in private hospitals are much better, and many expatriates opt to receive care in the for-profit sector for this reason. Many medical staff will speak English or Spanish in these hospitals. However, payment in private hospitals is often required up front before treatment. For this reason, Pacific Prime would recommend securing private health insurance.

    The cost of care in Guatemala

    For the most part, healthcare in Guatemala is reasonably cheap compared to its larger neighbours Mexico and the United States. Not just for standard hospital surgeries, but also for dental and cosmetic procedures. With charges that can often be less than one-third the price of facilities in the US, Guatemala is well poised for a potential medical tourism market. The following examples provide an idea of how less expensive the country is:


    Cost in the US

    Cost in Guatemala

    Coronary artery bypass



    Cancer radiation therapy



    Hip replacement



    In-Vitro fertilization






    Breast implants






    Dental - wisdom extraction           



    Dental - root canal



    * All prices in USD

    While the prices are much cheaper in comparison, you should remember that private hospitals will require the money be paid upfront before the procedure will take place. In order to help you meet those costs, you should consider purchasing private health insurance.

    Medical insurance options in Guatemala

    Pacific Prime has a number of international insurance partners that offer robust and comprehensive health coverage in Guatemala. Perceptions on the cost of insurance will depend on your own experience with your home country’s system; American expats, for example, will be familiar with health insurance premiums whilst British and French expats might not due to their largely subsidized public health systems.

    Insurance premiums will also depend on the type of coverage your require, the level of benefits you wish to have, and the number of people you need to insure. A low-tier, basic hospitalization plan may cost as little as USD 44 a month, whereas a fully comprehensive, international plan can be as much as USD 825 a month. Many plans offered by Pacific Prime can include inpatient, outpatient, maternity, dental, emergency repatriation and evacuation options if needed.

    Get a medical insurance quote now

    To find out just how much a medical insurance policy in Guatemala could cost, click the button below to use our online comparison tool. This will allow you to tailor quotes to suit your own situation and needs, and draws on the plans available through our many internationally renown insurance partners. If you’re still unsure, try giving our expert advisors at Pacific Prime a call instead?

    Their expertise and market knowledge will ensure that you can get the best plans offered to meet your health needs and budget. The advantage of using Pacific Prime is that you not only have someone working for you to find you the best possible coverage deal, but you’ll also have a partner in your corner should you need to make a claim. Contact Pacific Prime today!


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