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Belize Health Insurance

International medical insurance for those living or working in Belize. Customized Belize health insurance plans and quotes available.

Health insurance in Belize 

Whether you’re planning on going on holiday or thinking about moving to Belize, the right health insurance plan can ensure your medical costs are covered while you’re in the country. Pacific Prime is happy to help you find the ideal plan for your requirements and within your budget. Click below to get a free quote or continue reading to learn more about health insurance in Belize. 

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The Belize healthcare system

Medical care in Belize has gradually improved in recent years, though the country could still benefit from more healthcare facilities, better equipment, and more specialized medical staff. However, the lack of funding from income tax revenue is understandable considering that the country has under 400,000 residents. 

With that said, the doctors and medical staff in Belize are dedicated and attentive. In fact, it’s common for doctors to care about their patients and go above and beyond by giving their cellphone numbers and making house calls. Despite not being as advanced as Western standards, medical attention in Belize is certainly more personal. 

Fortunately, healthcare in Belize tends to work, despite its flaws. To begin with, most emergencies and common illnesses can easily be treated by doctors at public clinics or at Red Cross emergency stations, which are available throughout the country. Several surrounding countries offer better quality healthcare. Emergency evacuation to the US or other countries is advisable for any expat living in Belize. 

Healthcare facilities in Belize

Belize City is home to most of the country’s 24-hour healthcare facilities, such as the Karl Heusner public hospital. Additionally, Belize Healthcare Partners and Belize Medical Associates are two of the best private hospitals in the city. Due to their reasonable medical costs, most expats in Belize prefer to receive medical treatment at a private hospital. 

Towns such as San Ignacio, Dangriga, Corozal, and Punta Gorda have 24-hour public hospitals as well, though their selection of medical services is limited in comparison to Belize City hospitals. However, if you’re going to live in any of these towns then at least you know you’ll have access to medical care 24/7. 

There are currently no hospitals in Hopkins, Placencia, or on the islands (known as cayes). However, Ambergris Caye has two facilities (one private and one public) that provide around-the-clock care along with doctors on call. Even though neither medical facility is equipped to perform surgeries on-site, there is a local airstrip close by that allows for night flights if an emergency evacuation is necessary. 

Belize’s most popular expat area, Ambergris Caye, has recently gained a rescue response team along with a state-of-the-art medical facility that offers advanced medical care and specialized services, making life on the island much safer for those who live there. 

Since healthcare facilities in Belize do not offer the same level of care as hospitals in the US or other surrounding areas, many expats choose to receive medical treatment in the US, Mexico, or Guatemala. 

Belize health-related travel advice

It’s recommended for expats with existing conditions or medical issues to carry a letter from their doctor that lists medications and describes their condition. When traveling to Belize, it’s advisable to keep medications in their original container with proper labeling. Additionally, be sure to have emergency contact details in your passport. 

Costs are low at pharmacies, and most of the ones found in larger towns are well-stocked with generic medications. Drugstores in Belize often sell medications over the counter that would require a prescription elsewhere. Even so, it’s best to bring your prescription medications with you to start with. Dental care in Belize is excellent quality and the price is reasonable as well. 

Belize health insurance options

Most expats like being able to see specialists, which are typically found at private facilities. Even though private healthcare in Belize is less costly than many other countries, expenses can easily add up, which is why private health insurance is recommended. 

Expats generally rely on emergency evacuation coverage offered by their international health insurance plan or purchase an emergency evacuation plan on its own. This type of coverage is essential for expats since the cost of an ambulance flight alone can set you back thousands of dollars. 

How to find the best private health insurance in Belize

Be sure to secure comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any medical costs that may occur in Belize or elsewhere. 

Pacific Prime offers a wide selection of health insurance plans and travel insurance policies, along with benefit package options including inpatient, outpatient, dental, vision, and maternity. Contact our expert advisors today to receive a free quote and to experience the peace of mind that our insurance plans can provide.

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