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Argentina Health Insurance

Locally compliant international medical insurance for those living or working in Argentina. Customized Argentina health insurance plans and quotes available.

  • Argentina Medical Insurance News

    The standard of healthcare in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires is typically very high; however this can vary immensely in other parts of the country. Most hospitals will be able to provide assistance in the event of an emergency, however in the countryside this may be the extent of their ability to provide care. While the Argentinean government endeavors to provide medical care for all citizens, this is often not the case, with only the residents of the major cities having the quality care that they deserve.

    This problem is seated in the fact that 60% of the Argentine population lives under the poverty line, and even though there are public healthcare services, these will still typically require payments that the poorest of citizens are unable to afford, meaning that the high caliber private hospitals and clinics are not feasible options. For foreigners, there are typically always healthcare options throughout the country, however the costs associated with using the better hospitals and clinics will typically be close to those in most developed countries, which can be an issue as many Argentine hospitals will require payment upon admittance.

    On the whole the public healthcare sector in Argentina is managed by various workers unions throughout the country. As would be expected with such a decentralized method of healthcare provision the quality of the healthcare provision can vary greatly depending on the region, workers union, and industry.

    Overall Argentina health care and insurance is extremely varied and expatriates in the country should not take any risks, as the costs associated with evacuating a patient to a better medical facility can quickly add up. The best way for a foreign national to protect themselves while overseas is with a quality international health insurance plan.

    Plans that we can provide are typically globally portable and guaranteed renewable for life, this gives you the assurance that you need that should anything happen, anywhere in the world, you and your loved ones will have the protection that you deserve. Argentina health insurance plans that we offer will typically provide a number of additional coverage benefits which may include, out-patient treatment, dental and maternity protection, alternative therapies, complimentary medicines, specialist consultations, and emergency evacuation coverage.

    Argentina Travel Tips

    Whenever you are traveling in, or relocating to, a new country it is often helpful to know more about the local laws and customs in your destination. While Argentina is a major international tourist destination, and more and more foreign nationals are relocating to the country on a permanent basis, there may be some local traditions that you may not be aware of, as such we have provided some travel advice for all foreign nationals planning on visiting Argentina.

    Please be advised that the information on this page is for reference purposes only and may be liable to change without prior warning. For up-to-date travel advice please consult an expert.

    • There is a low terrorist risk in Argentina, however travelers are reminded that the global risk of terrorism remains high. Attacks, if they happen, are likely to target areas frequented by foreign nationals. In the event of a terrorist incident, please follow all official directions.

    • Due to the occasional outbreaks of social unrest you are advised to stay away from all large gatherings or demonstrations, as these have typically turned violent in the past. In the event of a violent social disturbance stay indoors and follow all government announcements.
    • There have been recent outbreaks of yellow fever in Brazil and Paraguay. Travelers visiting areas of Argentina bordering Brazil and Paraguay should obtain vaccinations against the disease before departing on their journey.
    • While most visits to Argentina are relatively trouble free, travelers are advised to keep an eye on their belongings. The main types of incidents for which tourists will require consular assistance is in regards to cases of bag snatching and petty theft. In the event that you find yourself being robbed it is recommended not to offer any resistance as this can lead to serious injury or even death.
    • Avoid poorly lit and isolated areas at night, especially if you are traveling by yourself. There has been a rise in ‘express kidnappings’ where an individual is held for a short period of time while the kidnappers take them to an ATM or bank and empty the victims accounts. Please remain alert at all times.
    • In order to drive in Argentina you will need a valid Argentinean or International driving permit. Please be aware that road conditions can vary from place to place and that outside the major cities the conditions will typically be poor. Crime against cars while stationary is a serious problem, and as such you should keep your car windows up at all times.
    • Drugs are illegal in Argentina, any individual found in possession of a narcotic substance faces a 4 and a half year minimum jail term. Do not become involved in drugs during your time in Argentina.
    •  Medical facilities in major Argentinean cities are typically of a good standard; however these will be expensive for non-citizens to use. There are a number of medical concerns in Argentina; these can include pollution, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, and Leptospirosis.
  • About Argentina

    Argentina is located in South America and is internationally renowned as one of the world's major tourist destinations. With stunning natural beauty, large cuts of beef, and an extremely friendly local populace, it is no wonder that people are traveling to Argentina in increasing numbers every year. Before you visit a country it is often helpful to have some background knowledge on the place, as such we have provided some General Information for Argentina.

    Official Name: Argentine Republic, also simply known as Argentina.

    Capital: The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, located roughly in the middle of the country across the delta of the Rio Parana from Uruguay.

    Location : Argentina is situated in South America and shares borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. Argentina has a coastline on the South Atlantic Ocean and occupies Cape Horn, giving the country easy access to the Pacific Ocean.

    Size: With a total area of 2,766,890 square kilometers Argentina is the 16 th largest country in the world behind India and ahead of Kazakhstan.

    Climate: The climate in Argentina is best described as mostly temperate, however the southern parts of the country, due to their proximity to Antarctica, experience Sub Antarctic weather. The eastern parts of the country are typically arid.

    Population: With a population of approximately 40,301,927 Argentina is the 32 nd most populated country in the world behind Spain.

    Life expectancy at birth: The average life expectancy at Birth in Argentina is 76.23 years, this is the 63 rd highest in the world, and can primarily be attributed to the large number of Argentineans living below the poverty line.

    Major illnesses: Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, and Leptospirosis are all major health risks, anyone visiting the country should take all due precautions.

    Ethnicities: 97% of the Argentinean population is of European ethnicity (primarily Spanish and Italian). The remaining 3% of the population consist of Amerindians and people of mixed ethnicity.

    Languages: The official language of Argentina is Spanish; however English, Italian, German and French are also widely spoken throughout the country.

    Religion: Although only 20% of the Argentinean population actually practices the religion, Roman Catholic is the predominant religion in the country with 92% of the population identifying it as their own. 2% of Argentineans are protestant, 2% Jewish and the remaining 4% practice a mixture of religions.

    Government: Argentina is a republic and as such is a practicing democracy. Citizens vote for certain political parties, and the political party that wins an election usually chooses the president from within its own ranks.

    Head of State: President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is the head of the Argentine State and Government.

    Economy : Even though Argentina is extremely rich in natural resources the country has suffered some severe economic hardships mainly stemming from poor government controls and social instability, this resulted in the stock market crashing in 2001 - 2002, an event which the country is only just recovering from. Since then the nations economy has started to recover with GDP growth of about 9% annually, which is due, in part, to renewed overseas interests in the previously stagnant Argentinean industry sector.

    GDP: With a purchasing power parity of US$ 523.7 billion and an actual GDP of US$ 245.6 billion, Argentina has the 25 th largest economy in the world.

For more information about Argentina, the locally compliant health insurance plans that we can offer there, or to receive a free quote, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

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