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Djibouti Health Insurance

Medical insurance for those living or working in Djibouti. Customized Djibouti health insurance plans and quotes available.

Health insurance in Djibouti

The small country of Djibouti boasts some beautiful landscapes, a tranquil seaside, and a comfortable climate. Expats who want to live close to nature will enjoy this part of Africa, which has yet to be a popular destination even though it has a lot to offer. Whether you’re planning on visiting or moving to Djibouti, buying the right health insurance plan can help cover medical costs. Click below to get a free quote or continue reading to learn more about health insurance in Djibouti. 

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Healthcare in Djibouti

Healthcare varies throughout Djibouti. Djibouti city offers good facilities with qualified doctors and nurses. There are first-rate French-supplied pharmacies around Djibouti city that sell most drugs over the counter. 

However, access to healthcare outside the capital is inadequate. Medicine and supplies, such as sterile dressings, might only be available for purchase at a local pharmacy. Dental care is just as variable, and there is a greater risk of HIV and hepatitis B transmission through equipment that has not been sterilized properly. 

Public hospitals in Djibouti tend to provide the most affordable service, but also have the least up-to-date medications and equipment. Mission hospitals usually have better facilities, and accept donations as payment. While private hospitals and clinics are the most expensive option, they also generally have more advanced equipment and drugs, as well as better trained doctors and nurses. 

Djibouti health-related travel advice

  • It’s highly recommended to bring drugs for chronic diseases with you from home. 
  • Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are serious hazards in Djibouti. Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day and watch out for symptoms of heat exhaustion, a precursor to heatstroke, such as dizziness, headaches, and tiredness. 
  • Refrain from drinking tap water unless it has been filtered, boiled, or chemically disinfected. 
  • Even though condoms are available, their efficacy is unreliable due to questionable quality and/or storage so it’s best to bring contraception with you. 
  • Milk is unpasteurized and should always be boiled. Similarly, it’s advisable to avoid dairy products.

How to find the best private health insurance in Djibouti

If you are a visitor or expatriate who is looking for peace of mind knowing that medical costs will be covered in the event of an accident or illness while traveling to Djibouti, purchasing comprehensive travel insurance or expat medical insurance plan is the optimal solution for you. 

Pacific Prime can help you find the best health insurance in Djibouti to meet your needs and budget. Contact us to speak to our expert advisors or receive a free quote today. 

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