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Cape Verde Health Insurance

Medical insurance for those living or working in Cape Verde. Customized Cape Verde health insurance plans and quotes available.

Health insurance in Cape Verde

Known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture, Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde as it’s often called, is situated 500 kilometers off the coast of northwest Africa. Its capital, Praia, sits on Santiago island, which is the largest in the country. 

Whether you’re visiting or living in Cape Verde, getting the right health insurance policy can help cover medical costs while you’re in the area. Pacific Prime can help you find the best plan for your needs, and within your budget. Click below to get a free quote or keep reading to find out more about health insurance in Cape Verde. 

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Overview of healthcare in Cape Verde

Healthcare facilities in Cape Verde are limited. Medicines may be in short supply too. Praia and Mindelo are home to the largest hospitals in the country. Smaller public and private healthcare facilities can be found throughout the country, though equipment and personnel quality can vary. 

Emergency services are generally available in major cities. First responders typically cannot access places outside of major areas and offer urgent medical care. It can also be difficult to travel between the islands, and medical evacuation options are limited. In fact, they are nearly impossible on the islands of Santo Antão and Brava since they no longer have operational airports. 

Cape Verde health-related travel advice

Travelers exploring the country’s mountainous islands need to be careful since altitude sickness can be life-threatening. 

Avoid mosquitoes and carry mosquito repellent with you to protect yourself against Malaria. 

Travelers who take prescription drugs should bring enough supply for their stay, as well as any over-the-counter medications that they use often due to limited local supply. 

Only drink bottled water and packaged beverages. It’s best to stay away from ice or iced drinks since they could be made with tap water. 

Since Cape Verde is a high-risk destination for travelers’ diarrhea, it’s recommended for travelers to stick to recently cooked food, avoid uncooked vegetables, and wash their hands frequently. 

How to find the best private health insurance in Cape Verde

It’s important to have adequate medical insurance when traveling to Cape Verde. Make sure that the plan you choose has emergency evacuation since this can save money and stress if you need to be transported to another hospital or country. While the cost of treatment at a private facility is less than what you’d pay in the West, medical evacuation can be very expensive. 

When selecting a health insurance plan for Cape Verde, make sure that it offers international coverage. Since there’s a lot to think about when securing private health insurance, it’s advisable to get expert help from a reputable broker like Pacific Prime. We compare health insurance plans based on your needs and budget to ensure you get the right one. 

Contact our team of expert advisors today to receive a free quote or impartial advice today. 

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