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Your guide to health insurance in Angola

The Republic of Angola is a country in South West Africa, bordered by Namibia, Congo, and Zambia. With a population of over 12.3 million people, Angola has a large oil and mineral industry, accounting for its rapid economic growth.

Curious about the healthcare system in this country? Read on for a quick summary of the Serbian healthcare system, as well as your health insurance options.

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Healthcare system

Public healthcare

The Angolan government offers free public health services to its citizens, ranging from primary care to specialized services. It is organized in three levels, corresponding to the administrative division of the country. 

Nevertheless, as with other less developed countries, Angola’s public healthcare system is overstretched and under-resourced, suffering from shortages of medical professionals and medicines, as well as other problems such as inadequate training and a lack of a computerized information management system to track patient records. Thus, over 50% of the population has limited access to healthcare services and pharmaceuticals. The best quality health services are confined to the capital city of Luanda and the other major cities of Benguela, Lobito, Lubango, and Huambo.

Therefore, it is highly discouraged for expats to seek treatments at state institutions, where medical personnel are usually poorly-trained and only speak basic levels of English, with outdated medical infrastructure. Immediate cash payment is expected by hospitals and clinics in Angola prior to admission, except for patients who need emergency stabilizing care.

Private healthcare

The private sector includes around 200 health establishments, seven supply centers, and 42 private pharmacies. While some private clinics are better than state facilities, they are still generally considered inadequate.

Upper-class Angolans usually travel to Namibia, South Africa, Cuba, Spain, and Portugal for more complicated procedures and treatments. Private hospitals in South Africa offer high standards of care and are owned by large hospital organizations including Medi-Clinic, Life Healthcare, and International SOS. In the event of a medical emergency, air transportation to South Africa will be required. 

Expats are strongly recommended to obtain a healthcare plan that includes access to medical services in Angola as well as South Africa. A healthcare plan should also include cover for emergency medical evacuation services and repatriation to their home country.

Healthcare for expats in Angola

Expats living in Angola can receive emergency stabilizing care and consultation services within Angola. The best clinics are located in Luanda and include the Clinic Medigroup, Clinic Clidopa, Clinic Espirito Santo, and Clinic Sagrada Esperanca. 

Expats with children can receive emergency care and a range of diagnostic and healthcare services at the Pediatric Hospital David Bernardino (HPDB), the largest children's hospital in Angola. Medical resources are extremely limited outside of Luanda and urban areas, therefore emergency evacuation will be required in the event of a medical emergency.

Expats are required to organize reimbursement with their insurance provider following treatment. Private clinics and hospitals generally offer the highest standard of care within the country, providing emergency stabilization care and a range of medical services. Please note that both public and private healthcare facilities in Angola have shortages of doctors and modern medical equipment.

Health risks of traveling to Angola

Angola has endured one of the longest civil wars in history, resulting in a damaged transportation infrastructure and a neglected health, education, and welfare system. The lack of government funding and healthcare reforms has led to Angola having many health hazards, including polio, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and neonatal disorders.

Expats are highly recommended to ensure they are vaccinated for protection against polio, Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningococcus, rabies, tetanus-diphtheria, cholera, and measles, and mumps and rubella (MMR). They should also ascertain that their regular vaccinations are up to date before departing to Angola.

Expats are also encouraged to bring along an adequate supply of anti-malarial tablets to cover them for the duration of their stay in the country, and adopt preventative measures against bug bites such as using mosquito nets and insect repellent.

Emergency protocols should be adopted by residents during the event of an accident, serious illness, or criminal offense. To call the police department, ambulance service, or fire brigade within Angola dial 1-1-3.

Cost of health insurance in Angola 

The cost of insurance plans in Angola comes in a wide range that depends on your need and the level of your desired cover. An individual international private medical insurance plan costs around USD $3,333 in 2020. Additional cover for outpatient, maternity, and dental is available and will vary in cost depending on the plan.

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