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Turkey Health Insurance

Medical insurance for those living or working in Turkey. Customized Turkey health insurance plans and quotes available.

    • The standard, and availability, of healthcare in Turkey may not be what many expatriates expect. Each city will offer different options in regards to treatments and medical facilities and it is a good idea to appraise the healthcare services in your area before you need to use them.

      Feeling comfortable in the knowledge that if something was to happen to a family member their medical costs will be taken care of, is important to us all. Our expert consultants can advise on the most suitable level of coverage for families, individuals, groups, travelers, and teachers health insurance.

  • Turkey Travel Tips

    Turkey has a reputation as a country that is extremely hospitable to travelers and foreign residents alike. Despite this, however, it can be difficult to know how to act and what local laws and customs are important when you are in a new country. With that in mind we have provided some advice for foreign nationals in Turkey about the country, its laws, and its customs.

    Please be advised that all the information contained here is meant for reference only. The advice on this page may change without warning. For a more comprehensive outline of the situation in Turkey it is advised that you contact a travel expert before you depart.

    Due to an ongoing border conflict and high tensions in the Middle East there is a high risk of terrorism in Turkey. Any attacks may target areas where foreign nationals are present and as such all due care should be taken when traveling through the country.

    Since 2003 there has been a high incidence of terrorist attacks targeting tourists throughout Turkey. Some of these attacks have resulted in deaths and have targeted foreign owned businesses and hotels. During your time in Turkey you should remain vigilant and be alert for any announcements pertaining to your safety.

    Crime against tourists and foreign nationals in Turkey is primarily limited to petty theft and robbery, however there have been a number of reports of sexual assault, especially targeting women who are traveling alone. Do not use poorly lit areas or roads at night and make sure you are always in the company of other people.

    Turkey is a democratic nation which is prone to a high rate of demonstrations. In the past political demonstrations have become violent and as such you are advised to avoid any area where a political demonstration or rally is taking place.

    There have been reports of increased tensions on the Turkey – Iraq border. All travel to the Turkish border with Iraq is strongly discouraged.

    While in Turkey it is advisable not to drink and drive. There are heavy on-the-spot fines for drivers who fail breathalyzer tests, and your license can be suspended for up to 6 months.

    While Turkey is a secular state it is important to remember that Islamic customs and traditions are followed throughout the country. As such here are some important things to keep in mind; while homosexuality is not illegal, it is not widely tolerated and public displays of affection between same sex couples is strongly discouraged.

    When visiting a mosque or other religious building you should ensure that you are dressed modestly.

    Drugs are illegal in Turkey and anyone who is convicted of possessing or distributing narcotics is liable to a heavy fine and a jail term of up to 24 years.

    Do not insult the Turkish nation or the Turkish flag as this is an offence. It is also against the law to deface the Turkish currency, use a metal detector (anywhere in the country), remove/export ‘cultural treasures’ and antiquities without a license, or take photographs of military installations without prior permission.

    While in Turkey you must carry a form of photo identification on your person at all times. Failure to provide identification on request can lead to a fine or jail time. It is advisable that you make a copy of your passport and keep it on your person.

    For more information about traveling to Turkey, the health insurance plans that we can provide there, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.


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