Cost of International Health Insurance – 2018

Report background

The 2018 Cost of International Health Insurance report utilizes premium figures from the below major insurers. Please note that for the countries where we have utilized onshore plans - China, Singapore, and Dubai - we have selected the most popular insurers.

All countries - except onshore


  • Aetna Huatai
  • Allianz China
  • AXA TP
  • Bupa Global Health China
  • Cigna CMB
  • GBG Alltrust
  • ICBC-AXA Global
  • MSH
  • Now Health China


  • Aetna International
  • Allianz Partners
  • AXA's International Health Business
  • Raffles Health Insurance (Bupa) - SG
  • Cigna Global SG
  • Now Health (Sompo Insurance)
  • April (Liberty Insurance)
  • Henner Group


  • AAA Aetna
  • Orient Allianz
  • AXA Gulf
  • OIC Bupa Global
  • Zurich and Cigna Global
  • RSA Now Health
  • Salama Integra

The demographics used to generate the premiums for this year's report are:

  • Individuals - 36 year old Male
  • Families - 36 year old Male and 35 year old Female + two children aged 5 and 10

In order to improve the accuracy of this report we have implemented a number of changes. These changes - read about why they have been made in Appendix A: Report changes - have led to a subsequent change to the data utilized in this year's report, namely:

  • The utilization of onshore plans in Dubai, Singapore, and China
  • A reduction of insurers from ten to seven for all countries except those with onshore insurers - the full list of insurers can be found in Appendix A
  • A reduction of demographics from four to two
  • The addition of a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) analysis

In addition to ranking the top 20 most and bottom 5 least expensive countries for international health insurance overall, we have also included ranking tables for both individual and family plans in our 2018 report. This helps further illuminate average costs by demographic. The 100 countries and three plan levels (inpatient; inpatient + outpatient; inpatient + outpatient + maternity) have not changed from previous reports.