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Family Health Insurance

The best options for your family's health insurance future. Secure your children with a cost-effective health insurance plan.

Family Insurance

Pacific Prime experts outline the best options for your family's health insurance future. We will demonstrate how each component of a plan can be customised to fit you and your children’s various needs.

Family Plans

Our family health insurance plans are suitable for all ages and occupations, are annually guaranteed renewable and are essential for families that find themselves frequently traveling.

We’ll make sure to cater for every one of your family’s current and future needs. 

Local Relationships

Pacific Prime has nurtured good relationships with major locally compliant insurers, approaching them on your behalf to secure your children with a cost effective health insurance plan.

Customised to each Family

The best health policies are available due to the highly customizable nature of a Family insurance plan.

New Families

Those of you hoping to start a family in the near future are welcome to our Maternity Page, where we explain a little bit about newborn health insurance cover.

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Expert Advice

For information or any assistance from our insurance experts on your health requirements get in contact with us and leave your details.

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