What is international student health insurance?

School-provided insurance often comes with limited coverage and a restrictive medical network. It can be even more costly than the international plans we offer. International student health insurance is a fantastic alternative that offers comprehensive and customizable protection for US-bound, US-based, and students of any study abroad destination.

Comprehensive protection Comprehensive protection

Sample summary of
benefits (in USD $)

The following example features some of the many benefits you can get with an international student plan. Note that prices vary between states and US-based students going on an exchange program abroad must choose a plan based on their destination.

Maximum Limit

Student: $500,000;

Dependent: $100,000

Maximum Limit per illness or injury

Student: $300,000

Dependent: $100,000


$100 per illness or injury

Student health center: $5 copay per visit


Outside of the US: Company pays 100%

In PPO* network or student health center within the US: Company pays 100%

Out of PPO* network within the US: Company pays 80% of eligible expenses up to $5,000 then 100% thereafter

*Note: PPO stands for the US’ Preferred Provider Organization network, which can be extremely challenging to navigate.

Eligible Medical Expenses

After the deductible is met, the company pays 80% of expenses out-of-network (US) or 100% in-network (US) and internationally

Emergency Local Ambulance

$350 per illness resulting in inpatient hospitalization or injury

Emergency Medical Evacuation

$500,000 maximum limit

Personal Liability

$10,000 combined maximum limit Injury to third person: subject to $100 per injury deductible

Damage to third person’s property: subject to a $100 per damage deductible

Hospitalization / Room & Board

Average semi-private room rate, including nursing and ancillary services

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