The State of

Health Insurance Report 2023

Pacific Prime is excited to present our State of Health Insurance Report 2023.

Explore key insights and in-depth analysis on global and regional health insurance and healthcare trends in this FREE and exclusive report.

This year, though the COVID-19 pandemic is finally becoming a thing of the past, the world at large is still facing tremendous uncertainties due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Against the backdrop of these geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges, our State of Health Insurance Report looks at key global and regional trends and challenges, such as the rising medical inflation, widespread adoption of telemedicine, and more. Get ready to make informed decisions based on case studies and insights from top insurers, for yourself, your family and your organization.

Featuring insights from leading insurance companies

This compendium of information couldn’t have been possible without report contributors from Allianz, AXA, Bupa, Cigna, and WBN. Read up on the top tips for plan implementation and stay ahead of the curve with case studies.

David Meyers
Chief Sales Officer at Allianz Partners Health
Xavier Lestrade
CEO at
AXA Global Healthcare
Anthony Cabrelli
Managing Director at Bupa Global
Liz Yovich
Director of Global Engagement and Employee Benefits at WBN
Phil Austin
CEO, Domestic Health Europe & Asia Pacific; Health of Global Business Development at Cigna

What is the state of health insurance globally?

Our report covers the following 4 major trends for the global insurance market in 2023 before moving on to regional analysis, which are:

What novel ways are insurers coming up with to combat high inflation and weak economic growth?

AI and digital technology have been touted as potential game changers, but how are they faring?

Everyone knows data security and compliance matter, but do we truly understand their significance?

Interest in joining the insurance industry is declining in many places. How are some insurers turning that into opportunities?

Discover the latest healthcare and insurance trends of the following regions in our report

Hong Kong China Thailand Singapore Malaysia The United Arab Emirates The United States of America Brazil Mexico The United Kingdom

What is the state of health insurance around the globe?

This report is organized into easily digestible sections, allowing you to focus on the specific areas that interest you the most. Stay informed about the key factors influencing each location individually, as well as internationally.

By downloading the State of Health Insurance Report, you will be able to answer the following questions:

A value-based model that focuses on prevention and wellness care.

More stringent health data protection measures to address data privacy and security concerns.

Private hospitals’ charges need to be more closely regulated.

Starting on January 1st, 2023, the GST charged on these premiums rose from 7% to 8%.

Plans to implement mandatory health insurance.

Many Americans believe that Mexico offers better value-for-money healthcare than the US.

NHS shortcomings that include long wait times, overcrowding, and systemic failures.

…and many more.

What insights can you gain from the State of Health Insurance Report?

By reading our report, you will be able to…
  • Know the political, economic and technological factors affecting the insurance landscape.
  • Prepare for a world where AI is permeating numerous aspects of our lives.
  • Stay up to date on the latest trends in employee benefits.
  • Gain insights from analyses and viewpoints of industry leaders.
  • Get inspired by policy implementation tips from case studies.

Download your free copy of the State of Health Insurance Report 2023 today!

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