This year, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave ripples in the health insurance sector. Our State of Health Insurance Report dives into key global and regional trends and challenges, such as the evolving post-pandemic healthcare needs, AI and Big Data innovations, and more. Get ready to make informed decisions based on case studies and predictions from top insurers, whether you are an individual or a business.

What is the state of health insurance globally?

Our report covers the following 3 overarching trends for the global insurance market in 2021-2022 before diving into regional analysis, including:

COVID-19’s legacy
Health equity for all

Health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to attain their full health potential.

Data is the
new healthcare currency

Data continues to facilitate decision-making, streamline processes, drive innovation, and enable insurers to keep up with evolving customer behaviors.

Health insurers
buckle up for growth

Insurers remain optimistic despite pandemic-induced challenges.

Featuring insights from leading insurance companies

This compendium of information couldn’t have been possible without report contributors from Allianz, AXA, Bupa, Cigna, and WBN. Read up on the top plan implementation tips and stay ahead of the curve with case studies.

David Meyers

David Meyers

Chief Sales Officer
Allianz Partners Health
Xavier Lestrade

Xavier Lestrade

AXA Global Healthcare
Yuman Chan

Yuman Chan

General Manager
Bupa Hong Kong
Julian Mengual

Julian Mengual

CEO, South East Asia
& Regional Health Solutions
Alan Fergusson

Alan Fergusson

Global Employee Benefits Practice Leader

What is the state of health insurance around the globe?

This report is broken down into bite-sized sections so you can easily zoom into the part you’re most interested in. Keep abreast of the key drivers at play in each location, as well as internationally.

By downloading the State of Health Insurance Report, you will be able to answer the following questions:

What is an insurance trend that is rapidly gaining traction in China?
Buying personal insurance online.
What do Hong Kong and Singapore have in common?
Expat exodus.
What was the insurance market of Thailand characterized by in 2021-2022?
Constantly changing regulation and coverage terms.
What will UAE-based insurers have to keep an eye out for?
The UAE’s strengthening anti-money laundering efforts.
How does the USA plan to explain high healthcare costs to consumers?
With new transparency regulations.
What is the Mexican sector under pressure for?
To redesign medical programs and underwriting processes.
Which employee benefit is the UK leading the way in?
Flexible working arrangements.
…and many more.

What you can learn from the State of Health Insurance Report?

By reading our report, you will be able to…

  • Know the macro and micro factors affecting the insurance landscape globally and regionally
  • Prepare for a post-pandemic world
  • Stay on top of the latest employee benefits trends
  • Read up on analyses and insights from industry leaders
  • Get inspired by policy implementation tips from case studies

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