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AIG to Chartis and Back Again

As of April 1st, the insurance company known as Chartis is no more. Which is to say, there is no longer an insurer named Chartis. Chartis has now reverted back to the name that is was under in 2008, AIG. In 2009, under some duress caused by AIG's near collapse and subsequent return to form thanks to the intervention of the United States government, the decision was made to rebrand AIG's property and…

Time Running Out for Aviva Customers

If you're insured with Aviva for your medical insurance, headache and difficulties might be in store for you when your policy expires. Imagine that you've finally gone through a 30-page insurance booklet providing all the details on how to submit claims and which doctors you are allowed to consult with. You complete…

A Parent's Guide to International Schools in Singapore

When moving to Singapore, choosing a good school for your children to attend is of the utmost importance. International schools offer a unique opportunity to students to interact and learn with other kids from all over the world. Furthermore, Singapore is home to international schools that were founded with expats from a particular country in mind, so that students learn with others from their home…

Benefit Your Health With Online Dating in Singapore

It's a well-known fact that love can benefit your health in many ways. Being in love and happy can release a hormone chemical called oxytocin from your brain and into your bloodstream, which can have a range of effects on your body from lowering stress levels, reducing blood pressure and generally improving your mood. With increasingly busy lifestyles and living in the age of the Internet, people are…

Staying active in Singapore: Where to find the activities that you want to do

When you're part of the rat race and working from 9 to 5 (if you're lucky), it can be very difficult to achieve the level of activity that you would like. When you do have that occasional holiday or free weekend with which to get active, what kind of sport do you like to engage in, and will Singapore be able to support your game of choice? Find your preferred style of activity below and see what the…

Expat rights in Singapore


There are 5.3 million people living in Singapore, of which roughly 40 percent are expats. This percentage is predicted to rise in the coming years as foreign nationals qualified in specialist fields are actively recruited and headhunted by multinational companies based in Singapore. One would therefore be safe to assume that expats enjoy as many citizens' rights as…

The risks of driving in Singapore

A recent survey conducted by the global insurance company, AXA, highlighted the top three dangerous driving behaviors in Singapore. Out of 600 people that took part in the survey, an overwhelming majority of people admitted to going through an amber light, failing to signal and speeding as three behaviors that they most frequently commit. In another worrying trend,…

The Cost of Having a Baby in Singapore


Having a baby can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. Exciting because you are now going to have a son or daughter to love and care for, and terrifying because you've heard all the horror stories from friends and family and wonder, is it really that hard? The simple answer to that is yes, it is hard. The good news, however,…

The Most Frequent Children's Health Issues in Singapore


Illnesses and general health issues can affect anyone at any time, yet children seem to be particularly susceptible to illness. Why is this? Children are by nature inquisitive and they will try to touch, bite and lick almost anything that crosses their path. This curiosity leaves children vulnerable to the spread of harmful germs and…

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