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We created these handbooks to help you identify the key points when considering a health insurance policy. They cover a wide range of topics from 'Choosing the right plan', to 'Maternity' and 'Pre-existing' conditions. Please enter your Email address to gain access to our full library.
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At Pacific Prime we are very conscious of our customer's security. This is why we have taken measure to provide some of the most up to date online security measures available. This means that when you use this website to find the quality insurance products that your and your loved ones deserve you are assured that all your information is kept private.

Whenever you submit personal information or payment details to us online you are protected by a number of security resources including;

This means that you can access our quote systems and get information without having to risk your confidential data falling into the wrong hands.

By using the highest level security measures and conforming to the high industry standards that you have come to expect, we ensure that whenever you buy, receive, or submit information relevant to insurance over this website that you are secure.

We have provided security for our policyholders while they are using this website. However, we must advise that all individuals who regularly use the internet to provide or receive sensitive information, should have comprehensive antivirus and antimalware programs on their computer. You should ensure that all of your protection programs are updated regularly, and always use a firewall when visiting new websites.