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Check out the state of health insurance around the world in 2018-2019

Learn more about the top trends and developments in the global insurance market over the past year, as well as the major insurance issues faced by individuals and businesses.

state of health insurance infographic

The Pacific Prime State of Health Insurance Report comes in its second year of existence, bringing to our readers what has been going on in the world of international private medical insurance over the past year. This latest report is a welcome addition to our strong portfolio of guides, reports, and infographics, which includes sections on trends that are being seen in the global insurance market around the world, complete with commentary directly from both prominent global insurance companies and Pacific Prime’s own insurance experts.

In this informative and digestible report, you will find answers to the following commonly-asked questions:

  • What is the cost of international health insurance?
  • How much have premiums increased by?
  • What are the developing trends and insurance industry changes being seen globally?
  • What are the top insurance issues faced by individuals and businesses?
  • How has Pacific Prime developed in 2018?

This report serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in knowing more about the latest trends and developments in the insurance sphere. Get your FREE copy of our State of Health Insurance Report 2018-2019 today!

Not only does Pacific Prime provide a comprehensive summary of the global insurance landscape, but we have also curated a collection of six different reports, with each one catering to a particular part of the world where Pacific Prime’s main regional offices are located, namely Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Dubai. Feel free to download other versions for more in-depth location-centric information!

If you’d like to get an answer to a specific question regarding your current or future medical plan, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our team of experienced insurance advisors is ready to answer any of your health insurance questions, and provide you with a plan comparison and quotations free of charge.

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