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Welcoming a new family member is indeed one of the most wonderful experiences in life, yet it can also turn into a stressful event, especially if you’re giving birth outside of your home country.
Designed to offer insider tips and valuable information to expat couples, our International Maternity Insurance Guide is Pacific Prime's compendium of knowledge that leverages our 20 years of experience and solid relationships with major insurers around the world.
Divided into five sections below, our digestible guide divulges different facets of maternity insurance to familiarize you with the pregnancy care around the world.
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What is maternity insurance?

In addition to routine vaginal delivery, maternity insurance covers other expenses like pre- and post-natal pregnancy treatment and medically-necessary Cesarean section, depending on the plan you’ve chosen.

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Waiting periods explained

One of the most misunderstood aspects of maternity insurance, waiting periods are the time that must elapse before one can lodge claims to the insurer.

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Cost of giving birth abroad

A useful summary of the approximate costs of giving birth in the top private hospitals in multiple locations where Pacific Prime has offices.

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Maternity insurance terms & coverage options

This section deciphers the most common maternity insurance terms that you’re likely to come across when hunting for the right policy, such as congenital disorders and newborn underwriting.

Local vs international maternity insurance

Apart from the geographical coverage area, local and international insurance differ in other aspects as well (e.g. cost, choice of hospital/clinic, benefit limits).

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