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Teachers - Are You Covered For the New School Year?

Moving to a new country to teach this academic year? We check out all you should know about teachers insurance before making the move.

So It's Back To School...

Sorting kids out for the new school term tends to be relatively straightforward. New uniform, new stationary, new lunchbox - done! But what do teachers have to prepare in order to be ready for the new academic year? Furthermore, what do teachers moving abroad have to consider before settling not only into a new job, but also a new country?

Aside from meeting new colleagues, familiarising themselves with a new classroom, organising lesson plans, and meeting new students (and their parents!), international teachers should also be thinking about healthcare and what their medical insurance options will be after moving overseas. 

All this can be very daunting, especially when you are already dealing with the potential stresses that a new working and living environment can bring. To help put your mind at rest and answer any lingering questions you may have, we’ve provided you with the information you should know before moving abroad to teach.

Depending where you have just arrived from, the healthcare system in your new home may differ dramatically from what you are used to. What’s more, it may be the case that while your previous school used to provide medical insurance for you, your new place of employment might not or may have a different company policy that provides different levels of coverage from what you have experienced before.

First Things First:

if you have not already done so, speak to your new employer to see what their policy is on covering international teaching staff. If they do include you in their company policy (and the chances are high that they will), find out the plan details and exactly what you are covered for. Costs of healthcare vary all over the world and while the benefit limits on your new plan would have been sufficient in your previous location, they may not get you as big a bang for your buck towards covering medical costs in your new home.

Secondly, what is the overall state of health like in your new location? Are there certain health risks you need to be made aware of, such as mosquito borne diseases or poor water quality? If the chances of you falling ill overseas will be higher than where you were previously living, then you may also want to see to what extent you are covered if a situation like this were to occur.

If you do fall ill, or have an accident, it could be the case that your local treatment facilities are not able to provide the level of care that you require. Most teachers insurance policies will provide coverage for emergency evacuation to transport you to a better equipped facility, whether it’s in the same country or overseas. What’s more, travel and accommodation costs will typically be covered for a family member to accompany you and for them to return home as well.

The life of an international teacher tends to be a transient one and there’s a high chance that you will relocate after a few years and move on to teach elsewhere, or return home. Most teachers insurance policies enable you to take your plan with you, even when you move, so as long as your next location falls into a listed area of coverage, you can continue to benefit in the same way.

If Your New School does Not Provide Insurance for You:

Purchasing your own plan can be pricey. This can be particularly daunting if you are only just getting your teaching career started. Fortunately, insurers appreciate this and tend to offer varying levels of plans to cater to those with a stricter budget. 

InterGlobal, for example, offers three levels of cover for teachers insurance - bronze, silver and gold. Maybe the cost of basic healthcare is affordable in your new home and general GP visits or prescription medicine are therefore not as important for you to have covered, Interglobal’s bronze plan is made more affordable by not including basic outpatient cover but still offers comprehensive benefits such as cancer care, medical evacuation and inpatient care. 

Starting a new job overseas is always a nerve-wracking and exciting experience, no matter where you are relocating to. With the security of being covered for any worst case scenario, you can start your new academic year more relaxed and focus on broadening your new students minds instead!

Find Out More

Pacific Prime offers discounted rates for international school teachers with an excellent range of comprehensive and flexible plans to choose from. For more information regarding which insurers offer teachers insurance, feel free to get in touch with us and find out more.

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