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Pacific Prime China Makes Donation to Suzhou Charity

Pacific Prime has recently made a donation to a charity event that helps the visually impaired in China. Read on to learn about the charity and the great work that they do.

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 by Travis Jones

Did you know that a single country accounts for nearly 18% of the world’s blind population? According to theWHO it is true, and that country is China. While this number may not be so shocking to some, as China is the most populous nation on Earth, it does not discount the fact that there is a great need for resources in China that cater to its blind population; and that’s something that people all around the globe can appreciate.

While those living in developed countries can see their fair share of domestic issues, they also know that a still developing country like China has a long way to go before life there is up to 1st world standards for the average citizen, let alone people with disabilities. Fortunately for most in the country, China has made great strides in recent years modernizing its medical facilities and available treatments. For the visually impaired, this means access to procedures and apparatuses that were unavailable only a decade ago.

What isn’t always available for the visually impaired, however, is access to the mental health treatment that is needed by so many. Just think, if you lost your vision tomorrow how you would feel, after the initial terror of losing such an important sense and the subsequent adjustment, it’s easy to imagine that depression could sink in rather quickly. An article from Mental Healthy even reveals that over one third of the visually impaired are stricken with depression. Unite for Sight explains that social withdrawal and anxiety are common issues facing the blind or visually impaired.

Of course, cost is always a major factor when discussing medicine, and nobody is more keenly aware of this than those in the health insurance industry.  That is why Pacific Prime recently decided to help out a charity for the visually impaired in China, the Suzhou Little Red Cap Volunteers Association.


About the event

One thing that people love no matter where you go in the world is sport. Whether as an athlete or a spectator, nothing unites people quite like it. For many sports, however, losing your vision oftentimes simply means you cannot participate. Exercise is a great way to aid in battling depression, so it’s a double whammy for the visually impaired, as they are quite often cut out of not only fun activities, but also ways to improve their physical and mental health.

For this reason, the Suzhou Little Red Cap Volunteers Association has been putting on an event to attempt to address the issue. For 3 years now they have been organizing Fun Games for the Visually Impaired & the Healthy, which aims to provide barrier-free sports and fun for the visually impaired and their friends alike.

Over 500 people have had the great pleasure of experiencing sports in a way that they could have only dreamed about before this event. These results, which bring happiness and hope to peoples’ lives, are something that Pacific Prime is extremely proud to be a part of, and we hope to continue sponsorship in the coming years.


About Suzhou Little Red Cap Volunteers Association

Since starting out as a branch of the Suzhou Charity website in 2004, the Suzhou Little Red Cap Volunteers Association has grown considerably. Originally conceived as a group of people communicating through the charity’s website forum, they officially became a charity group of their own in 2008. Since then, the Association has grown in leaps and bounds to include over 16,000 members, and has helped over 180,000 people, including visually impaired and blind Suzhou citizens.

To find out more about Pacific Prime and our community engagement in China and elsewhere in the world, please follow our future blog updates.


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