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RSA Awards Pacific Prime with Elite Membership

Pacific Prime was recently awarded RSA’s 2014 Elite Membership, a new status that will benefit both Pacific Prime and its customers.

Posted on Nov 10, 2014 by

Pacific Prime was recently awarded RSA’s 2014 Elite Membership, a new status that will enable the strong relationship between the two companies to continue developing, and with the promise of immense benefits for the clients of Pacific Prime.

RSA awards 2014

With it’s 300 year old heritage and 17 million customers found worldwide, RSA has long been an established industry leader in the world of international insurance and Pacific Prime has valued the support and the new business opportunities provided by RSA since their working relationship began. 

As an international insurance broker, Pacific Prime works closely with a number of insurers on a daily basis and prides itself on the consistent dedication put into every relationship. The Elite Membership award reflects the value RSA places in unrivalled commitment from the companies they work with, and so to receive this esteemed title is an honour for Pacific Prime.

Why Pacific Prime?

RSA selected Pacific Prime and 9 other brokers/agencies to receive the award based on each company’s contributions made towards growing RSA’s business. The Elite Membership status will provide Pacific Prime with further opportunities to expand their business with RSA along with the insurers full support in enabling access to their resources and facilities unavailable to non-elite members.

Furthermore, Pacific Prime’s customers will now experience the benefits from a full range of products on offer from RSA , as the business relationship further strengthens between the two companies.

On the 29th of October, 2014, Pacific Prime was invited to attend a special event hosted by RSA to recognise this new Elite Membership status and discuss how both RSA and Pacific Prime can continue to assist each other to develop and take control of the constantly changing international insurance landscape.

To find out more about this award, or to enquire about RSA and their policies, please feel free to get in touch.

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