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New public vs private health care guides now available

Pacific Prime has released a series of guides for Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Dubai that compare the public and private health care systems.

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Robert McBroom

When moving to a new country, one of the questions that always comes up is, “What are my health care options?” Almost all countries offer a number of options including both public and private facilities, and have systems in place to offset costs for citizens or residents. To help make it easier to navigate the systems in locations where Pacific Prime operates, we have created four guides comparing the public and private health care systems within each.

Each of these guides takes a look at the local health care system and what makes it unique, while also delving into what expats in the city need to know about that system in order to make informed decisions when they need health care. From Hong Kong’s terrific private system to Dubai’s mandatory health insurance, you can gain a sound overview of each country.

The public vs private guides currently available include:

Hong Kong

With one of the best public health systems in Asia and an unparalleled private system, Hong Kong has a number of health care choices for expats. The guide lays out the aspects of each system and highlights why, ultimately, the private sector is a solid choice for expats and HNW individuals in the city.

Download your free guide here.


Singapore boasts one of the most modern public health care systems in the world, not to mention a private system that has been preferred by expats for years. This guide lays out the differences between the national health and private health systems, and provides a high level overview of the options available to expats in the city.

Download your free guide here.


Shanghai is arguably the most cosmopolitan and modern city in China. While there is a wide variety of health care available in the city, it can vary wildly in quality. This, and an imposing language barrier, can make it difficult to navigate the health care system in the city. To help, this guide looks at the different services available - from public to private and international - and provides an overview of other options expats should be aware of.  

Download your free guide here.


Dubai has become the regional center for health care in the Middle East, and has both government and private hospitals that offer unique and luxury services. With recent DHA reforms and changes to the system, Dubai’s health care scene is becoming tougher to navigate. To help, this guide provides a sound overview of all the key health care aspects an expat needs to be aware of.

Download it for free here.

If you have any questions regarding the guides or health insurance, contact our experts

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