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Advanced IPMI Training Programme

Our Global Training Manager oversees a 30 day training course to bring new employees up to date with the current insurance markets and strategies.

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 by

World’s most advanced IPMI training with Pacific Prime

Pierre de Mirman runs our 2 year training course where he explores and explains how to efficiently serve clients that need the best international health insurance.  As top sales performer and winner of Pacific Prime's Advisor of the Month award seven times, Pierre has been given the responsibility as Global Training Manager to equip all our new insurance advisors with the methods necessary to get you the best possible heath insurance. 

Employees are presented with the values and philosophy the company was founded on and how our reputation stands globally as a result. The programme outlines the current climate of the insurance industry before analysing individual insurers so trainees understand each of their respective strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly their eligibility to the conditions, pricing and positioning within the industry.

The course itself involves various methods that help to ultimately improve the client’s experience: 

  • We prepare trainees to specialize in areas where our clients reside, to benefit from the local knowledge.
  • Our staff train in sales techniques and are shown how to ensure the sales process is as smooth an operation as possible.
  • We also organize and monitor role plays to review whether our staff are clear when explaining benefits to customers as well as how accurate or useful the advice and plans selected are based on the client’s requirements and budget.
  • Another integral step is to demonstrate to both new and current employees how to properly use our IT tools (Customer Relationship Management and Online Comparison) which enable maximum efficiency in selecting appropriate health cover. 

There are six reviews, each at the end of the week to check who has understood and embraced the training and a final exam at the end of the programme. The final result is either a pass or a fail, and anyone found to be unsatisfactory will be reviewed before given a chance to re-sit the exam.

The nature of our industry means we never truly stop training our employees, especially with insurers updating their plan benefits regularly. To ensure we are all best equipped to help our clients we require a test every six months so everyone is up to date with the current market. We also scrutinize how effective each insurer performs in a review twice a year to guarantee the best product for you.

Pacific Prime is also equipped with a brand new comparison tool which you can read more about here.

To find out more about how our highly trained staff can help you with advice on health insurance please contact us.

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