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Mar 16, 2015

Pacific Prime looks at new Bupa plans

As of March 31, 2015, international health giant Bupa will stop the sale of their IHI plans to new clients in Hong Kong - existing IHI plan holders in Hong Kong can still renew their plans however. For people and businesses in Hong Kong who don’t currently have an IHI plan, Bupa will offer their new range of global plans developed under the Bupa Global brand.

On April 1, 2015, a range of…

Mar 13, 2015

Pacific Prime to Build 5th School

Neil Raymond, CEO at Pacific Prime, attended Room to Read’s 10th Annual Charity Gala on March 6th, where he announced that the company had agreed to build a 5th school with Room to Read.

This new school continues a long-standing relationship with the charity, one that Pacific Prime hopes will continue for years to come. At the event, Raymond met with…

Jan 12, 2015

Expats: Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance If You Are Moving

According to the UN Human Rights Commission, between 232 and 250 million people live outside of their country of origin. Combine this with findings from a report published by market research company Finnaccord, which found that the number of expats has grown at a compound annual rate of 2.4% each year since 2009, and it’s clear that the number of expats will only continue to increase through 2015.


Jan 12, 2015

Expat Health Insurance In Demand As More Expatriates Choose Asia

Expatriates in Asia continue to benefit from the opportunity to work abroad, and understanding that market as an insurance intermediary requires a close inspection of the trends regarding new expats in a selected number of countries.

Expatriates in Figures

In Hong Kong, a 2013 consensus revealed of the 50 million expatriates in the world about 0.6% reside in the city; approximately…

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