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Jun 04, 2015

Everything packed for summer holidays? What about health insurance?

The summer months are upon us and many expats are planning, or have already booked, a trip home. When heading home, many of us like to develop lists of things we need to get done beforehand. These lists often include the obvious like plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, gifts, and, most importantly, our passports. There is one less obvious thing many forget however, and that is their health insurance.

May 27, 2015

Now Health International Acquires Best Doctors Insurance

Prominent provider of International Private Medical Insurance Now Health International has recently acquired Best Doctors Insurance to extend both their reach, and the quality of their offerings to the International Health Insurance market. Find out more about the acquisition and what it means to their customers here.

May 12, 2015

Asia’s Deadliest Disasters: How to survive

Following the recent earthquake in Nepal, peoplle may be asking themselves, "How would I fare if a natural disaster hit my home?" For those living in Asia, Pacific Prime provides a breakdown of the region's most dangerous natural disasters, and provides tips on how to survive them should the unexpected occur. Read on to find out more.

Apr 10, 2015

Are Your Kids Protected when in Someone Else's Care?

Are your sure that your children will be taken care of should they get into a serious accident at school or while in the care of others? What kind of insurance do the 3rd parties that watch them have? This article answers this question, and also looks at the importance of comprehensive family health insurance plans.

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