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2015 is a New Year and the Perfect Time to Get Your Health Insurance Covered

With New Years Resolutions starting, Pacific Prime encourages everyone to look into a new health plan, and start the fresh year with health cover secured.

Posted on Jan 12, 2015 by

With new years resolutions abound, a popular promise is to finally sort out your health; so the first month of a new year is the perfect time to look at securing your future with a health plan that you not only both desire and need, but one you can rely on to deliver the most appropiate benefits.

Instead of the constant worry about whether you would be able to afford treatment out of your own pocket in an unwelcome surprise, there are plans available in the insurance world designed to keep you a little less financially vulnerable in the case of an accident, but that keep the value and control in your own hands with plans customised to a fine detail that match your every requirement.

Why Health Insurance Now?

Perhaps the most inviting aspect of a committing to a brand new health plan is the knowledge that if anything unplanned does happen, the treatment you receive will be immediate, and the necessity of waiting periods within the public healthcare system can be completely circumvented. With a health insurance plan you can be treated in a hospital of your choice, by the doctor of your choice and in the room of your choice, all instantaneously. If you sit on the fence and wait, and the unfortunate does occur, you will only be looking back with regret at the sudden lack of control.

Who Needs It?

Newlyweds from last year are strongly encouraged to explore the ins and outs of maternity insurance, especially since the decision in 2014 from some insurers to add a few more months to the total waiting period, (or moratorium) before a maternity insurance cover can become effective. If, as a new couple looking to get pregnant, you find yourself expecting before any insurance cover has been confirmed, there could be substantial costs in the coming 9 months (and further), which all could have been dealt with through a solid plan. The average waiting period for maternity cover used to be about 10-12 months, but with more insurers changing their future policies, planning ahead becomes a real concern, and provides a huge monetary relief when properly executed.

All of you with young families already may have had a few years experiencing the need for certain medical treatments that become necessary as children grow up, but Pacific Prime this year are focusing on supplying Family Health Insurance that is flexible to the specific needs of each child or dependant, moving away from blanket policies that promise cover you may not really want to pay for. With these new policies, children can be included or excluded from the majority of benefits the main insured person is under.

The fit and the healthy, believe it or not, are probably the people who get the best value out of health insurance. Without any pre-existing conditions to worry over or find expensive cover for, a healthy person can painlessly find affordable cover and enjoy the benefits if something does go wrong. Because the cover has already begun, and (depending on the policy) can already start to cover the costs of some treatments.

Where Do I Get It?

The truth is everybody can benefit from a quick look at a new health plan. Even if you already have an insurance policy, or have one supplied by your company/organisation, there is a possibility that not everything has been explained to you in full, or there is something you may have misunderstood slightly. The start of the year presents everyone with a fresh look into what health insurance cover can provide, as our experts work with you to find out exactly what you need, explain how it all works and make sure you leave with a new sense of security for your future years.

If you want to explore our website start right here, and you can have a look at our online tool to explore a few insurer prices and options. If you would like to see more about what types of cover we can offer, have a look at our page on health insuranceIf you live in Singapore, China, or Hong Kong give the links a click to visit our sites dedicated to those countries, and leave a message to our local offices over there. 

If you would like to talk to somebody, you can contact us right here.

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